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How to find a CFS and ME-savvy doctor

How to find a CFS and ME-savvy doctor

Body Count: the tragic stories of severe ME

Body Count: the tragic stories of severe ME Commemorating Severe ME Day on August 8

9 potential diagnostic tests for ME/CFS

Though there are as yet no readily available, well-accepted, objective diagnostic tests for ME and CFS, work is ongoing in several key areas to develop one.

Overview: General therapies for ME and CFS

As well as specific pathogen-targeted therapies, there are many additional therapies, supplements and pharmaceuticals that can be helpful in chronic fatigue syndrome.

400,000 Canadians disabled by CFS

Almost half a million Canadians with debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) also suffer severe deprivation and isolation, in many cases worse than more recognized illnesses such as stroke and cancer, according to the latest report from Health Canada.

Gut bacteria provide ME/CFS clues

Cornell researchers report they have identified biological markers of ME/CFS in gut bacteria and inflammatory microbial agents in the blood.

Aust team finds metabolic anomalies in ME/CFS

Aust study: metabolic anomalies in ME/CFS

Concerns about Aust Xbox activity trial for CFS

South Australian researchers have ethical approval to trial Active video gaming to increase physical activity in adults with ME/CFS.

2-Day CPET: A gold standard test for ME fatigue

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) is considered an accepted, reliable test for post-exertional malaise (PEM), one of the cardinal symptoms of ME and CFS.

New CBT and GET threat for Aust CFS patients

Chapman University has just published the results of a national study on the factors linked to satisfaction with appearance and weight. In a survey of more .