Pillanatok : Photo

Pillanatok : Photo


How to make hummingbird nectar for your feeder. Make sure you prepare it properly and keep the feeder clean to avoid the spread of disease.

How to Make Hummingbird Food & Choose a Feeder - Empress of Dirt


How To Improve your Garden soil without a compost heap - An easy way to recycle kitchen waste directly in your soil.

How To Improve Your Garden Soil Without A Compost Heap - Whole Food Home


How to Prune a Tomato Here are six good reasons to prune tomatoes: To grow more flavorful tomatoes. To grow larger tomatoes. To grow more tomatoes over the length of a season. To keep plant leaves and fruits off the ground and away from pests, insect damage, and fungal disease. To keep plants smaller and more compact. To allow tomatoes on the plant at the end of the seas.

Here are six good reasons to prune tomatoes


tiny tomatoes

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White Currant Tomato - 70-75 days. Treat yourself to one of the most unique and sweetest tasting tomato varieties known. The tiny fruit are half the size of a cherry tomato and grow in nice heavy clusters. Creamy-white in color with just a tinge of yellow. Deliciously sweet, a favorite of many trial ground visitors. Indeterminate.

Tomatoes - Organic - White Currant Tomato Organic


An early-bearing variety of shelling pea, Burpee's "Dark Seeded Early Perfection" (Pisum sativum "Dark Seeded Early Perfection") peas are named in part for the dark green color of the legumes you'll find inside each pod. According to the seed company, this "Dark Seeded Early Perfection" variety is especially useful for the home gardener who appreciates high-producing pea vines for freezing and canning. Harvest them when the pods are brightly colored and nicely rounded.

Growing Burpee Dark Seeded Early Perfection Peas


Peas: Dark Seeded Early Perfection Overview - Plant Guide

Peas: Dark Seeded Early Perfection


Blue Damson Plums Information and Facts

Blue Damson Plums


This guide is about growing figs. Are you considering planting a fig tree? In addition to the varieties for the traditional hotter climates, there are some that will thrive even in the Pacific Northwest.

Growing Figs | ThriftyFun


How to Grow Plums - The Homestead Garden


Learn how to plant and grow carrots – DIY tutorial

Learn how to plant and grow carrots – DIY tutorial - NaturalGardenIdeas.com


cauliflowers by Noel Barnhurst

| Noel Barnhurst | Food Photographer


A Variety of Rainbow Peppers...yes with vino , cheese block and some nice sweet dips to accent the flavors

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Colorful hanging pepper arrangements. Can purchase in most markets here in Mexico.

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Root Cellar, Dutch Door, Sleeping Porches, etc. - Old House Features that we may want to bring back - Bob Vila

15 Old House Features We Were Wrong to Abandon


Vegetable garden planting guide

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Zone 5 Planting Schedule Spokane yes Frost dates 5/13 to 10/5

Zone 5 Vegetable Planting Calendar Guide


potted ginger harvest - Learn how to grow your own ginger this winter!

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Yellow can attract (and therefore trap) two of the worst gardening pests, the destructive cucumber beetle and the dreaded squash vine borer.

Trapping Garden Pests With Yellow


Grow Houseplants from Kitchen Scraps: Sweet Potato Vine by healthyhouseplants: Check out the link for plants from apples, citrus and pineapple! #Houseplants #healthyhouseplants #Sweet_Potato



store tubers in a cool dry place over the winter. directions for starting them in spring.

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Growing Grapes // Great Gardens & Ideas //

Great Grapes for Organic Gardens


want to grow toms this way

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How to start a cutting garden: Follow these 5 easy steps to grow enough flowers to fill your house with blooms. #garden

How to start a cutting garden