Bow Tattoo in 3D, looks Super Real! Do I need another bow tattoo? Why yes, yes I do!!!

Bow Tattoo not sure if i like this lace bow, or an outline of a bow, or the pink bow.but i want a bow:)

Anchor Tattoo

Anchor Tattoo I want one for my dad, not hope, maybe love? anchors are for strength too!

41 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Works Of Art

41 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Works Of Art. I love the Banksy girl with a red balloon. Next piece?

Neck tattoo

tattoos on

love the placement! Tree tattoo with family branches I see this as the tree of "LIFE". Every lesson learned allows the roots to become stronger & dig deeper within the earth, thus giving the tree strength to withstand the elements from above.

bird tattoo, tatouage oiseau

Ahhh, I already have too many bird tattoos but I lovveee this.

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