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Back in the Day!

Old times

nevver: “…all dials work the same way and are easy to use.”

  • Betsy Adams

    My grandmother had these when I was small.

  • Velda Crotty

    Our first phone was 2 long and 1 short ring, you could hear several people pick up to just listen, on the party line. Then it went to 91137, when the prefix came in, it was LYcoming 91137.

  • Alberta Davis

    Locust 2...

  • Dawn Delaney-Enos

    RO 6 for Rockille Centre

  • Sheryl Martin

    BA91276 my grandma's number until just last year. and that is still how I remembered it. Was a party line first in 50's

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yummy - good old Hostess Cupcakes

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1950 Raytheon TV

  • Bud Parker

    My uncle was a TV Repairman and made a good living doing it. Of course, now we just get a new one. The Really old sets took two grown men to move! Full of "tubes" and a huge, heavy CRT. Cathode Ray Tube. That was the screen. You had "Rabbit Ears" antenna sitting on top of the TV so you could adjust them for the station you were watching. Most cities had 2 or 3 stations. If you lived out of town you got a "snowy" picture because of poor reception. Affluent families had an outside antenna on a tall pole...

  • Patricia

    I was one back in the day . I served food on the maternity floor.

  • Patricia

    sorry, comment belongs on the Candy Striper picture.

  • Emma Semon

    I remember the round tv screens but not this particular brand.

  • Dorene Rusho

    I remember going to my aunt's house and she had a tv with a big cabinet and a small square screen. I was about 9 yrs old.

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Sue Zola...glitter art

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Diving Sub Powered by Baking Powder ... my brother had a riot with these

  • Linda Twichell

    Oh my gosh!!!! Mine fell out of the car window and my father refused to go back to look for it! I cried all the way to DelAware!

  • Sharon Winkler

    Only get this from a cereal Box,we're really cool,I was about6 or 7 when they came out I think Don w.

  • Tom R. Chambers

    I had one of these.

  • Rachelle Fenton

    Played with them in the bath tub.

  • Ron

    Still have mine- guess its collector item now

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Tinker Toys

  • Jack Meili

    I received a set (larger, I think) for Christmas when I was about 8? (1942). Had lots of fun with them. Had a Lincoln Log Cabin set for another Christmas present and an Erector Set for yet another. They knew how to keep me out of mischief. Perhaps why I became an engineer.

  • Masha Rosenthal

    We had these too. Years later there were pieces all over our backyard!

  • Tom R. Chambers

    I played with my "Tinkertoys" a great deal.

  • Lee Potts

    I boughht these for my grandchildren! It was the only thing I had for them that entertained ALL of them at the same time!. (There was a nine year age difference from oldest to youngest.)

  • Dorene Rusho

    I remember my brother had these. He played with them all the time.

Played these with my grandmother! Chinese Checkers in a Tin with Regular Checkers on the other side and marbles and red/black checkers inside

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Old and Classic Games and Retro Toys from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's

We ate 'em like candy!

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Candy stripers!

  • Deborah Bishop

    This was a favorite thing of mine to do!!!

  • Judy McKeown

    I remember my daughter did this :-)

  • Patricia

    Hi Judy, I didn't become a nurse, but always admire those who did, and I do have friends who are retired nurses, too! One is a woman who is retired and one is a man who is still working!

  • Sheryl Martin

    Was candystriper at Crowley Hospital in Louisiana in the 60's. I did not become a nurse either and regreted that but was bigger deal then and I got married. lol

  • Patricia

    Yes, Cheryl, we all followed our dreams. I know I didn't have the constitution for being a nurse. I married young, also and had three children and now 5 grandchildren ! I'm happy for my choice!

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Vicks Inhaler

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my Mom had these

  • Dorothy Wirth

    My mother-in-law stored them wrapped in wax paper and refreshed the color with melted Crayola crayons. They were always put out on December 1.

  • Shirley Cooper

    I used these and other choir member candles, candle trees and lamp posts to make a scene using snow made from Ivory flakes. Can't find those anymore. My son, 54, remembers this and often asks me to do it again!

  • Charlene Kowalski

    Still have my mothers too! There is a picture of me playing with them at the age of two.

  • Shirley Cooper

    Nice to know that many folks still cling to some of the "older" ways of decorating!

  • Peggy Schneider Saez

    I still have these choir boys...they were my moms they are out every Christmas with the angels

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Sea Hunt (1958-1961)

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The old record players!

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If you're over 40, these were your first shoes

  • Rachelle Fenton

    Did that to my babies shoes.

  • sharon lopez

    my kids wore these until they were 4. Best shoes ever.

  • Dixie Menke

    I must be really OLD, our Sons wore these!!!

  • sharon lopez

    Well Dixie, my son will be 50 and my daughter will be 49 and they both wore them. Anything over 25 years is considered an Antique and that was in the 60's.

  • Carol Madsen

    carol madsen my son is 58 i still have his shoe tiny tiny

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Avon lipstick samples

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This used to be the only way to get the window down in your car!

  • Carolyn Powell

    you can still buy cars with crank windows because my grandson has one. The basic of the basic and his is a 2008 or 9.

  • Amy Feltz

    Only way to roll them down in those days...frightening!

  • Josephine Thompson

    gosh i remember when....

  • Velda Crotty

    I have a 64 Mustang convertible. My 7 year old granddaughter loves to put the top down and go cruising. She couldn't figure out how to get the window down. I told her to roll it down. She looked at me with a blank look. I showed her how and she was thrilled. She sat there and rolled it up and down. It was like a new toy to her.

  • Sally Pointer


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Vintage Johnson & Johnson Baby Talcum Powder 4oz Collectible Tin Advertising Brunswick, NJ (I remember this in the metal canisters.)

Buffy and Jody from Family Affair show

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those little red boot/galoshes Yes, the kind that went over shoes!

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collected these

  • Lorraine Harrington Bishop

    Hated those boots! Chafed the backs of my legs, they let water in anyway so my feet were always wet and cold. So cold! The taller white ones were worse!

  • sharon lopez

    my son tried to trade his sister for a book of them.

  • Mary Ann Wright

    My Aunt got me a set of milk glass lamps for a wedding gift and they are still in my bedroom.

  • Sheryl Martin

    Still have the last thing my mother got with S&H stamps. A sewing box. Fake wicker. LOL But it has lasted since 1058

  • Peggy Schneider Saez

    I have about 6 books

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The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1964) David McCallum as Illya Kuryakin

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