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DIY vines, great decoration for a dinosaur, jungle, safari, or Where The Wild Things Are party

Dinosaur Party Decorations (cheap & easy DIY) - Vines from cut plastic tablecloths, diy volcano, waterfall from plastic tablecloths and butcher paper, $2 blow up palm trees. My favorite part was the reading corner by the waterfall - we checked out as many dinosaur books as we could find from the library and the kids loved it!

The important documents for when you live, b/c someday will come. Plan for these things, it'll happen eventually.

This list is important! Pin it for later here. Attitude is the most important survival skill. Objective setting and critical thinking are next. Quality g

When was the last time you checked the contents of the emergency kit in your car? Here is a list of 46 items for your emergency vehicle kit. via