I've never seen this species

I've never seen this species<<<it's the near extinct species, The JackMeowDaw. Very rare and has no relation whatsoever to the bird Jackdaw

Melanistic Animals

TBOT Part 20 - Imgur

TBOT Part 20

Baby: Is this all I get? Whad'ya mean I have to take this cookie to Mordor? Dog: my preeeccioussss.

Funny tumblr- correct usage of the bun

The bun bun looks so distressed and confused 'Human? Why do you apply my tummy to your face?

i am looking and i am thoroughly enjoying.

For anyone who's having a rough day, here's a fat raccoon to take your troubles away.

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Oml I have a little golden retriever/corgi mix! They are too cute 😍😘

These Birds Are So Metal

Bearded Vulture or Lämmergeier. Huge birds that rub themselves with the reddest…

21 Times Tumblr Told The Truth About Cats

21 Times Tumblr Told The Truth About Cats

mostlycatsmostly: (via nichols) This has to be my favorite thing I have ever posted. It just gets funnier the more I look at it. Especially when kittenseieki wrote: im the grey cat and those r my hot friends