Soul Eater Gif (Epilepsy Warning was given out by person who posted this so I warn you now)

Death the kid

Soul Eater, Death the Kid<<Death the kid has made me obsessed with symmetry and oh my gosh is that image bothering me IT MUST BE FIXED

Crona... T_T

Crona my poor baby! ::sobs, goes into corner:: I wish I had never been born. My poor baby Crona ::pulls him into corner and cries on him:: Crona: I-I don't now how to deal with this!<<<this poem is fucking depressing!

Soul Eater.

Soul Eater: Soul, Maka, Black star, Tsubaki, Death the kid and Liz and Patty


Death the Kid is so freaking cute that I really can't say I'm surprized Soul Eater Funny Death the Kid joined the Host Club