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365 Days of SeaWorld Rescue

365 Days of SeaWorld Rescue

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Caring members of the SeaWorld Rescue Team work to help malnourished sea lion pups found stranded on California beaches, like this little guy. #2015SeaLionCrisis #365DaysOfRescue

When a manatee is floating near the surface and unable to submerge, it could mean the animal has suffered a boat strike injury. This female manatee was one of the lucky ones that SeaWorld was able to rescue. #365DaysOfRescue

Here a SeaWorld veterinarian is taking x-rays to monitor this rescued endangered leatherback sea turtle. #365DaysOfRescue

These sea lion pups were some of the first to be returned to the wild after successful rehabilitation at SeaWorld during the #2015SeaLionCrisis. #365DaysOfRescue

Meet Star, a beautiful juvenile American Bald Eagle. She was rescued in 2013 and unfortunately suffered permanent eye injuries that made it impossible to return her to the wild. SeaWorld has partnered with the United States Fish and Wildlife Services to care for Star. She currently serves as an iconic conservation and education ambassador for her species and the SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund. #365DaysOfRescue

This big guy was rescued from the St. Johns River while suffering from cold stress and spent several months in rehabilitation at SeaWorld. Once he was deemed healthy, it was back to the wild for this survivor! #365DaysOfRescue

One of the lucky sea lions rescued in the #2015SeaLionCrisis looks up at a SeaWorld animal care expert. Must be mealtime! #365DaysOfRescue

The SeaWorld rescue team helps a dolphin that was entangled in fishing line. #365DaysOfRescue

Dedicated members of SeaWorld’s animal care team constantly monitor rescued pups’ health and behaviors to ensure their successful recoveries during the #2015SeaLionCrisis. #365DaysOfRescue

This lucky manatee was rescued, rehabilitated and returned to Blue Springs State Park by SeaWorld’s passionate animal care team. #365DaysOfRescue

Hurricanes can be devastating for many species, especially sea turtles. These little fellas were thrown off course and marooned on a Florida beach after Hurricane Bill. Luckily, it wasn’t the end for the loggerhead hatchlings and they received a second chance at life thanks to SeaWorld's animal care team. #365DaysOfRescue

Update: Blanche, the orphaned manatee calf rescued last June, continues to gain weight and gets healthier by the day! The SeaWorld Animal Care Team has been bottlefeeding this special calf and monitoring her weight to ensure she has a healthy recovery. #365DaysOfRescue

Watching Blanche The Orphaned Manatee Grow | SeaWorld®

As the 2015 Sea Lion Crisis continues, the SeaWorld Rescue Team is constantly monitoring the pups to ensure they’re getting all the care they need for a speedy recovery. #365DaysOfRescue

This Kemp’s ridley sea turtle takes its first strokes after the SeaWorld Rescue Team returned it to the wild. The turtle was part of a group brought in suffering from oil-related illnesses during the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. #365DaysOfRescue

After a full recovery at SeaWorld, this Guadalupe fur seal was fitted with a radio satellite transmitter so that -- upon her return -- scientists at the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute are able to study her movements and better understand how the species thrives in the wild. #365DaysOfRescue

The #US Navy Oil Recovery Team rescued this beautiful brown pelican from Virginia Beach. Suffering from a severely injured wing, the bird was unable to return to the wild and was brought to SeaWorld Orlando for a permanent home and lifelong care. #365DaysOfRescue

Trinidad the manatee was found keeping warm in a power plant outflow near Houston. Having traveled all the way from Florida, the manatee was suffering from cold stress and in need of a rescue. After several months of rehabilitation at SeaWorld San Antonio, the big guy was healthy enough to return to Orlando, where SeaWorld successfully returned him to his native Florida waters. #365DaysOfRescue

Animal care specialists from many of our parks – even Busch Gardens - joined SeaWorld rescuers to help during the ongoing 2015 Sea Lion Crisis. The teamwork is paying off, and we were able to return more than 20 rescued marine mammals last week, including these adorable pups. #365DaysOfRescue

Marking SeaWorld’s largest sea turtle return in four years, we are proud to share that we returned 17 Kemp’s ridley sea turtles to the wild last week. #365DaysOfRescue

Here's another bunch of the many sea lions that SeaWorld has been rescuing during the #2015SeaLionCrisis. #365DaysOfRescue

SeaWorld returned Eva the manatee and her mother Mossback at Blue Springs Park near Orlando, FL. The pair was rescued when both of Mossback’s pectoral flippers were severely entangled in fishing line. #365DaysOfRescue

Did you know that a carapace is the scientific name for a turtle’s shell? This young green sea turtle had a large wound to his carapace that most likely occurred from a boat strike. SeaWorld’s Dr. Lara Croft cleaned the wound and then used a combination of honey bandages and diaper rash ointment to help the wound heal. #365DaysOfRescue

Wimberley the Virginia opossum was rescued by a SeaWorld employee who noticed the small creature alongside the road. The youngster’s mother had been hit by a car and he was left orphaned by her side. After experts evaluated his size and condition, it was determined that the animal was too small to be returned to the wild, as he could not fend for himself. He now lives at SeaWorld as an animal ambassador for his species. #365DaysOfRescue

This beautiful pelican was returned to the wild after SeaWorld aviculturists and veterinarians removed a hook from its neck and nursed the bird back to health. #365DaysOfRescue

  • Claire Dossey
    Claire Dossey

    Run fly get away from them

  • Claire Dossey
    Claire Dossey

    Run fly get away from them

In January, SeaWorld and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission rescued a 7-foot-long manatee that was suffering from a collapsed lung due to a boat strike. The animal was having a difficult time staying afloat, so the SeaWorld team created a special “manatee wetsuit” to assist with buoyancy. The experts at SeaWorld are continuing to monitor his health in hopes of returning him to the wild. #365DaysOfRescue