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365 Days of SeaWorld Rescue

365 Days of SeaWorld Rescue

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This adorable harbor seal pup was nicknamed Jaws. Why such a scary name? She was brought to SeaWorld with a broken lower jaw, and was unable to eat. Without the medical intervention from SeaWorld, she would not have survived. Thankfully, Jaws recovered well and was returned to the ocean! #365DaysOfRescue

Hey there, cute stuff! These pups are some of the sea lions that were rehabilitated and returned by SeaWorld during the #2015SeaLionCrisis. #365DaysOfRescue

To return this rescued 800+ lb. manatee to the wild, a team from SeaWorld, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Sea to Shore Alliance partnered together. #365DaysOfRescue

Meet Solstice! She is an endangered olive ridley sea turtle that was rescued and taken to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. After she was stabilized, Solstice was transported to SeaWorld, where she is completing her #365DaysOfRescue

Watch this incredible video of SeaWorld treating a rescued bird with a hook stuck in its throat! #365DaysOfRescue

Red-Throated Loon Rescue & Return | SeaWorld®

SeaWorld Orlando’s Animal Rescue Team returned a male manatee after a successful rehabilitation. He was found suffering from injuries from a watercraft strike. Through the use of antibiotics and nutritional assistance, the manatee was able to gain the weight and strength he needed to be returned to the wild! #365DaysOfRescue

Here are just a few of the more than 700 sea lions that SeaWorld has rescued and worked round-the-clock to rehabilitate during the #2015SeaLionCrisis. #365DaysOfRescue

Sea turtles in SeaWorld’s care are monitored closely by park zoological staff and veterinary staff. After recovering, sea turtles just like this little one, are evaluated and returned to the wild! #365DaysOfRescue

A concerned citizen saw this male bottlenose dolphin tangled in fishing line and called experts for assistance. SeaWorld and other organizations came to the rescue and disentangled the dolphin’s fluke (or tail), made sure he was in good health and sent him on his way. #365DaysOfRescue

Look at that face! This cute seal was rescued and cared for by #SeaWorld’s dedicated rescue staff! #365DaysOfRescue

Meet Lucky! He’s a Muscovy duck who was brought to SeaWorld because he had a hook and discarded fishing line caught in his bill. After Dr. Croft completed a successful surgery, Lucky began his quick recovery in preparation to be returned to his pond. #365DaysOfRescue

This young #endangered green sea turtle was found floating and lethargic. After a few months at of rehabilitation at SeaWorld, its health improved and it was cleared to be returned to the wild! #365DaysOfRescue

On Mother’s Day, SeaWorld rescued an #endangered manatee mom and calf. The mother had a collapsed lung and was having trouble floating. SeaWorld's Rescue Team fitted mom with a custom manatee wetsuit to help her float. #365DaysOfRescue

Dedicated SeaWorld employees are continually monitoring the health of the pups affected by the #2015SeaLionCrisis. #365DaysOfRescue

SeaWorld sent a 15-person rescue team to help relocate this female dolphin after she lost her way. #365DaysOfRescue

This loggerhead sea turtle heads back to the wild after vets surgically removed two fishing hooks embedded in him. #365DaysOfRescue

Adorable! A member of SeaWorld’s Animal Care Team bottle feeds this orphaned baby manatee with a special nutrient-rich formula that promotes weight gain. #365DaysOfRescue

This sea lion is diving back into the ocean after a quick recovery at SeaWorld! #365DaysOfRescue

SeaWorld recently returned eleven Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles to warm Florida waters after they recovered from a mass cold stranding last fall. These little guys did well during their rehabilitation, gaining back all of the strength and weight needed for return to the wild. #365DaysOfRescue

A few of the many sea lions rescued during the #2015SeaLionCrisis are catching some rays at SeaWorld’s rehabilitation center! #365DaysOfRescue

SeaWorld came to the rescue when this great blue heron was distressed and had a soda can stuck on its bill. The avian experts were able to remove the can and ensure the animal was in excellent health before returning the elegant bird to its native Florida home. #365DaysOfRescue

Meet Holly! She was rescued nearly 20 years ago but needed long-term rehabilitation before she could return to the wild. After moving from SeaWorld to the Columbus Zoo, she was brought back to SeaWorld for final preparation for her return to the wild! Read all about Holly here: #365DaysOfRescue

After a successful rescue and four months of care from SeaWorld experts, this 320-pound loggerhead sea turtle gets a helping hand from the rescue team to return him to the wild. #365DaysOfRescue

Sea lion pup hugs are too precious! These three youngsters received care at SeaWorld’s Rescue Center during California’s #2015SeaLionCrisis. #365DaysOfRescue

SeaWorld, Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute and NOAA combined their efforts to rescue this adorable dolphin calf. The experts believe he was less than five days old at the time of the rescue because his umbilical cord was still attached and he weighed less than 35 pounds! #365DaysOfRescue