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365 Days of SeaWorld Rescue

365 Days of SeaWorld Rescue

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This beautiful pelican was returned to the wild after SeaWorld aviculturists and veterinarians removed a hook from its neck and nursed the bird back to health. #365DaysOfRescue

In January, SeaWorld and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission rescued a 7-foot-long manatee that was suffering from a collapsed lung due to a boat strike. The animal was having a difficult time staying afloat, so the SeaWorld team created a special “manatee wetsuit” to assist with buoyancy. The experts at SeaWorld are continuing to monitor his health in hopes of returning him to the wild. #365DaysOfRescue

It’s meal time for the hungry sea lion pups in SeaWorld San Diego’s rescue facility. #365DaysOfRescue

It’s all smiles as the SeaWorld rescue crew prepares to return three sea turtles back to the wild. #365DaysOfRescue

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Chloe, a barred owl, was found when she was only a few months old at a park in Christmas, Florida eating lunch meat out of people's hands. Her actions led rescuers to believe she was most likely hand raised and would be unable to hunt for food on her own. #365DaysOfRescue

2015 has been a rough year for sea lions along the California coastline. These guys are just a few of the more than 577 sea lions that SeaWorld has rescued this year. #365DaysOfRescue

SeaWorld's rescue team found this Guadalupe fur seal dehydrated and malnourished last fall. After several months of rehabilitative care, she was returned to the wild. Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute scientists outfitted her with a satellite transmitter to gain crucial data about where the threatened species travels, spends time foraging for food, and ultimately thrives in the ocean. #365DaysOfRescue

In honor of ‪#‎ManateeAppreciationDay‬, we are highlighting today's return of Streak the manatee, the 26th return this year! He was rescued in December after suffering from cold stress and malnutrition. After a quick recovery (and gaining 100 pounds), he was healthy enough to be returned to his original home at Blue Springs State Park in Florida! ‪#‎365DaysOfRescue‬

SeaWorld helped disentangle this dolphin calf from a monofilament fishing line. Once free of the line, the calf and its mother swam off together. The pair was spotted doing well after the fishing line incident and the youngster seemed to be gaining independence. #365DaysOfRescue

Orphaned baby manatees need a lot of tender loving care. SeaWorld’s dedicated rescue team is there 24/7 to provide babies like this with all the care and nutrients they need. #365DaysOfRescue

Otis, an Eastern screech owl, was rescued and rehabilitated but, due to the seriousness of his injuries, could not be returned to the wild. He moved to SeaWorld San Antonio for long-term care and became an animal ambassador for his species. #365DaysOfRescue

This poor sea lion pup was in dire need of help when SeaWorld brought it to the rescue facilities – requiring both eye surgery and tar removal from its fur. #365DaysOfRescue

A #SeaWorld team member tucks in this big sea turtle to make sure it stays warm as it rehabilitates from cold stress. #365DaysOfRescue

Did you know that fur seals have sharp eyesight and keen hearing to help them capture prey like fish, squid and tiny shrimp-like krill? SeaWorld was able to rescue this lucky seal and return it to the wild. Hopefully, it will be able to use those sharp senses for many years to come! #365DaysOfRescue

Rescuers noticed this manatee couldn't submerge, which led them to believe it may have been hit by a boat. They brought the manatee to SeaWorld to assess its health and give it the rehabilitative care it needed. #365DaysOfRescue

This past Wednesday, SeaWorld returned a group of Kemp’s ridley sea turtles to warm Florida waters near Canaveral National Seashore. The sea turtles were suffering from pneumonia and other illnesses stemming from the cold water in Massachusetts where they were rescued last November. #365DaysOfRescue

Health checks - although not always comfortable - are necessary for rescued birds like this Grebe to ensure they are healthy enough to return to the wild. #365DaysOfRescue

This seal was rescued and returned to her ocean home by SeaWorld. Before her return, scientists attached a transmitter that allowed them to monitor her progress. #365DaysOfRescue

In December, Stokes the manatee was rescued in Florida and was suffering from a weather-related illness known as cold stress. After a few months of rehabilitation at SeaWorld, Stokes was returned to the wild this past Tuesday! #365DaysOfRescue

Just two and a half months into this year and SeaWorld San Diego has rescued 475 marine mammals, and counting, breaking the park’s long-standing record made in 1983! We’ll continue to uphold our proud legacy of rescuing animals and be with them every step of the way. #365DaysOfRescue

Long Standing Rescue Record Broken | SeaWorld® San Diego

As of today, SeaWorld San Diego has rescued a total of 475 marine mammals since Jan. 1. This sets a new record for the number of rescues in a single year. Read more on our blog: ‪#‎365DaysOfRescue‬

Over the years, check out these lucky pups that SeaWorld rescued and returned to the ocean! #365DaysOfRescue

SeaWorld rescuers gave a second chance at life to these Common Murres, birds that nest along the rocky ridges of northern oceans and spend their winters at sea. #365DaysOfRescue

This Kemp’s ridley sea turtle flaps its flippers as a SeaWorld Rescue Team member gently returns it to the sea. #365DaysOfRescue

This poor elephant seal was stranded on a San Diego beach and was in desperate need of help. #365DaysOfRescue