I'm not saying it's going to be easy. I'm saying it's going to be worth it. #birthphotography

Oh, how I miss that I'll not experience this a time. Even the pain is part of the story - a picture moms would like to have, even though we may not think about it at the time

Barefoot Blonde

Mother and child baby black and white standing in front if window little cap hat cable knit sweater (so sweet)

THIS is just too beautiful a moment for words.  LOVE.

Holy heart strings // a husband with his wife during labor. My heart shall explode, also WANT WANT WANT. Not the labor pain, but the wealth of love

Father baby moment

Love is in the Air

Id totally do a in hospital shoot if someone let me. Good thing I have a couple knocked up best friends :)

birth photo

Lisa Quinn Photography - 2013 International Association of Professional Birth Photographers Photo Contest. I want this birth photo for all my children. Shows the first seconds of life outside the womb.