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Outstanding Parenting Tips on How to Teach Your Kid to be Healthy Ideas. Secret Parenting Tips on How to Teach Your Kid to be Healthy Ideas. Little People, Little Ones, Les Scouts, Watch Funny Videos, Parenting 101, Raising Kids, In Kindergarten, My Children, Good To Know

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YouTube Safety We have all tried to be vigilant in monitoring what our kids do on the Internet. Even with my best intentions, my kids have often 'clicked too far' on YouTube. So what should a parent do to keep YouTube Safe? Keep reading for some technical and practical tips you can follow to keep YouTube entertaining and fun! YouTube Safety Tip #1 – Turn on SafeSearch I have previously written a post on how to turn on YouTube SafeSearch. See YouTube for Kids. The safe search will block all…

iTouch/iPhone Security for kids and Teens - SecureMama Baby Safety, Safety Tips, Apple Mobile, Internet Safety, Raising Boys, Light Of My Life, Kids Corner, Apple Products, Baby Love

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Do you entertain your kids with a iPhone or iPad ? [list style="check"] at the doctors? at the store? at a restaurant? [/list] While they have your phone or iPad, do your kids ever … [list style="check"] click on advertisements? click on the 'home' button and are upset that there game is 'gone?' try to purchase 'coins' or 'points' with real money? post their highest score on YOUR facebook page? [/list] Don't get frustrated .. Turn on Guided Access on your Apple device! I just figured it out…

keep talking about this 'Cloud' thing and I STILL don't know what it is. This post actually explains it in a way ANYONE can understand. Technology Quotes, Technology Hacks, Cool Technology, Computer Technology, Educational Technology, What Is The Cloud, Keep Talking, Digital Literacy, Futuristic Technology

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What is the cloud? We keep hearing about it, but what is it? In-depth tutorial that explains 'What is the Cloud?,' Cloud Security Concerns, and Protection

Internet Safety for Kids and Teens. This is a quick cheat sheet for teachers to encourage online safety when their students use the internet. Parenting Classes, Parenting Quotes, Parenting Advice, Kids And Parenting, Single Parenting, Peaceful Parenting, Learning Quotes, Parenting Styles, Internet Safety For Kids

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I found this Internet Safety Cheat Sheet on Pinterest the other day. What a great idea! Please go to the Internet Safety Cheat Sheet site and enter your e-mail address to get the full PDF. She updates the cheat sheet as changes are made to the various systems. I am signed up! Thank you Jen for making this!

Social Media Management Company offers social media management & marketing services for all business purposes. Call us now for available services. Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Services, Online Advertising, Management, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram

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Social Media - any online application that has a interactive element: Facebook, YouTube, Blogspot, etc. How Things have Changed! It's amazing how quickly Technology trends change! It was only about a year ago that I was trying to convince parents to get on Facebook to help keep track of their kids. Facebook Privacy Posts, Social Networking posts. Social Media Facebook Exodus Once all of the parents and friends' parents have made it to Facebook I have seen a drastic decline of Facebook usage…

Want to reward your mobile users and measure your marketing efforts at the same time? Here are three social media apps you can use as part of your marketing Logo Instagram, Instagram Apps, Buy Instagram Followers, Fotos Do Instagram, Instagram Accounts, Facebook Instagram, Instagram Changes, Socialism, Social Networks

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Have you seen this logo before? Either on your kids phone, iTouch? What is Instagram? You just got used to using Facebook. Your kids have accounts but haven't posted anything in months. Why do I always hear and see stuff coming from Instagram? What is Instagram? Instagram is a social media app with 100 million users. The application can link to an existing Facebook,Twitter, Tmblr, foursquare, Picassa account. Istagram is a social media network built around photos. An Instagram user can take…

Want to reward your mobile users and measure your marketing efforts at the same time? Here are three social media apps you can use as part of your marketing About Snapchat, Snapchat Logo, Snapchat Account, Snapchat Usernames, Snapchat Friends, Snapchat Users, Snapchat Stories, Snapchat Buddies, Snapchat Hack

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Snap Chat Mobile App – What is it? SnapChat is a mobile app available on Apple and droid devices. that allows users to connect and take a picture and write a short message and share it with other Snapchat users that are listed as friends. You can set the time allowed to view the picture. Once the timer is up, the picture is no longer available on either the sender or receiver's phone. SnapChat – Why Should I Worry? 1. SnapChat & Sexting SnapChat was built seemingly to conquer the ill's of…

Great post on how to be an effective "Smart Phone Mom" Also some funny advice about being a mom and raising kids in today's 'connected' world! Give Me A Break, Give It To Me, Dont Text And Drive, My Confession, Family Calendar, Addicted To You, Raising Boys, Love My Kids, Kids Online

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I have seen the post about “How to miss a childhood” go around Facebook and Pinterest. I did feel a little guilty and probably need to make a few changes. My confessions: My phone does sometimes feel like a breathing apparatus. My phone is by my side at all times! I do panic if I thought I have left my phone at home. I sometimes just stare and my phone and think, “What will you tell me to do next?” But, then I started thinking .. my phone is not just a toy that is used to waste time! It is…

Social Media Scams - Social media is part of our daily lives. We live and breathe it. This post describes the most common social media scams and how to protect yourself. Business Facebook Page, Web Security, Face Book, How To Protect Yourself, Amazon Gifts, Marketing Tools, Breathe, How To Become, Social Media

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Typical Social Media Scams 1. Free Stuff! We have all wanted free Starbucks, Costco Gift cards, and Amazon gift cards. However, you will not be able to get any of these if you simply click on a link. There are legitimate “Social Media Contests.” These are used as a marketing tool for businesses that would like to get more social media interaction than a paid Facebook ad. These would come from an official business Facebook page. Typically you will need to 'like' the business Facebook page…

UPDATE - You can safely use JAVA as long as you have the most current version installed. Visit this post to get the link for more information. Provident Living, Cyber Safety, Web Security, Internet Safety, Web Browser, Emergency Preparedness, Educational Technology, Candle Sconces, Windows Share

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What is Java? Java is an object oriented programming language. The Java virtual machine allows a program to work on different types of computers. Do you recognize the logo? Do you ever get reminders that you need to update your JVM? Remember updates are important: Updates Updates Updates! UPDATED! Go to the JAVA page to download the latest version. If you have a version that is below version 7, uninstall Java and install the latest version. Oracle is no longer supporting Java versions 6 and…

writing self-assessment rubric that has been aligned to the Australian Curriculum. The Rubric applies for students in Foundation, all the way up to year 7 School Checklist, Travel Checklist, Travel Packing, Travel Tips, Kindergarten Checklist, Safety Checklist, Moving Checklist, Moving Tips, Cleaning Checklist

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We often hear about the threats out on the Internet: cyber bullying, hacking, phishing, gambling, addiction, etc. It is easy to feel overwhelmed. Where do I begin? How can I actually protect my family? Follow the checklist below and you will be well on your way. Make one change. Wait a few days or a week to make sure it doesn’t break anything. Then start on the next item on your list. You will no longer feel overwhelmed but in control! Internet Safety Checklist FireDrill – The most important…

YouTube Safety - Cathy Olsen, Information Security Professional and mother of four talks about a few technical and practical tips to help keep your kids safe on YouTube.  The video is only 4 minutes!  Great tips! My Sister In Law, The Millions, Yoga Videos, Safety Tips, Red Shirt, Our Kids, Kids And Parenting, Things To Think About, Stylists

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I was on TV again!! I have posted about YouTube Safety Tips. Click on that link to get the written list that was discussed on the show. I think it went pretty well. If you have any other tips or apps you have liked to protect your kids on YouTube please leave a comment! Here is the behind the scene dish: It was such a fun experience to be on the KSL set to tape my segment on YouTube Safety. I was so worried about what I was going to wear. I was so worried about the red shirt. It had Shoulder…

Don't get too lost in the hustle of the holiday season. 7 tips to keep you safe and secure this Holiday season! Internet Safety Tips, Web Security, Parental Control, Season 7, Educational Technology, New Toys, Vulnerability, Hustle, Computers

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Vacations, gifts, candles, shopping. It is easy to get lost in the hustle of the holidays. Take a few extra steps so that you can keep your holiday season full of good will and cheer! Secure those Christmas Gifts! – Whether it is a laptop, computer, tablet, or smart phone, it is so exciting to open and play with a new toy! Take the time to download all required updates for the device. Download and install anti-virus software. For smartphones, make sure to add a password and install…

Pornography is more readily available than ever before, even seeping into virtual reality to create a whole new level of connection, and some people are struggling. My Addiction, Addiction Recovery, Content Analysis, Every Mom Needs, My Philosophy, Relapse, Mindful Living, Jesus Quotes, Your Family

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I have been working on this blog for four years now. I think I have helped a lot of people. I am glad to continue to help people and answer questions. However, I have not addressed the “Elephant” in the room. This is the reason most of you are visiting my site. It is because you are a concerned parent and want to protect your kids and family from Pornography. Not my Kids. Not my Family. It is so easy to think that you KNOW what your kids are doing and what your kids' friends are doing. It is…

Discover the best shopping tips and budgeting tips we learned from the cautionary movie Confessions of a Shopaholic. Best Home Business, Home Based Business, Cyber Safety, Confessions Of A Shopaholic, Agenda Planner, Thing 1, Planner Organization, Budgeting Tips, Retail Therapy

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If you want to avoid getting trampled on “Black Friday” or even “Black Thursday Night,” shopping online can be a very efficient and effective way to get your holiday shopping done. There are plenty of scammers that would love to get your information and money for their own holiday spending. No matter the time of year, protect yourself by following the “10 Tips for Safe Online Shopping.” You will be safe to buy presents for your friends and family in the comfort of your home. 10 Tips for…

UPDATE - You can safely use JAVA as long as you have the most current version installed. Visit this post to get the link for more information. Provident Living, Cyber Safety, Web Security, Internet Safety, Web Browser, Emergency Preparedness, Educational Technology, Candle Sconces, Windows Share

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The news has been full of stories of attacks on American banks. Wells Fargo, Bank of America among them. The attack also slammed other sercvices including Netflix, Google earth. These attacks have been claimed by a group called “Izz ad-Din Al-Qassam Cyber Fighters” in response to an online video clip that denigrates Islam. There are many complex issues surrounding the politics and the means of the attacks. This was one of the largest DDOS attacks seen. I'll break it down for you so you can…