Addicted to finding new ships and spending nights on waiting for somemone to fly through the window. Big fan of musicals, Disney, ballet and magic <3
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David Tennant

the awesome thing for me is I live less than half an hour from the theatre this was filmed in, I've been there too many times to count. So every time this theatre pops up in the show I die a little because I've sat right there

Do you ever open your book at like 9 and decide youll read for a few minutes then all of a sudden its 2 am and your eyes are burning like you used hot sauce as eye drops and then you think youre only a 100 pages or so from the end so sleep is for the weak

Chivalry by *Muirin007 on deviantART

Laying alone with the history that made you Cold and uncertain inside Well careful now, deep breath The water's still rising But your silver lining's inside When you feel like you're breaking down .