Vanish roller coaster at Cosmo Land in Japan unexpectedly dives into an underwater tunnel.

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Blue Lake, Colorado. I must find this place of wonder! How do I live here and not know of it??

'Blue Lake Vertical Panorama' - A vertical panorama of Lower Blue Lake under Dallas Peak and the Sneffels Range. San Juan Mountains near Telluride, Colorado, USA. -- Photo © copyright by Jack Brauer, Mountain Photographer

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland - wow - I have been here ! Fun memories - also pretty scary at the top ! Such a long one ago !

Beautiful Sand Harbor on Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Beautiful Sand Harbor on Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA. Tahoe is a large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada of the United States.

Margarita Island, Venezuela

Margarita Island, Venezuela is a popular destination for holiday. It's located in northern South America.

Liquid Gold ~ The Narrows, Zion National Park, Utah by Frӓncis

Liquid Gold ~ Zion National Park-Zion National Park is located in the Southwestern United States, near Springdale, Utah.

The Ice Castles in Silverthorne, Colorado

The Ice Castles in Silverthorne Colorado, USA is definitely someplace to visit. Especially as the winter progresses, the Castles and sculptures change daily. The owner Ryan, expects the towers to be 40 ft high by February.

✯ Kanarra Falls - Zion National Park, Utah

TOP 10 USA Waterfalls

Kanarra Falls, Zion National Park, Utah - Thou [art] my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance.

Grutas de Tolantongo, Mexico

Grutas de Tolantongo, Mexico: I chose Mexico because there's a lot of wilderness places to visit and it's very beautiful and hilly!