Space and sky love poem. "Every night I look up at the freckled sky and fall in love with the universe all over again. I will be counting the stars for the rest of my life.

me too!

"I just need some time in a beautiful place to clear my head." ☆ (Make whatever place you're in 'beautiful!,' clear your head & enjoy the Peace that will arrive.

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You can drive at go to war at drink at and retire at So who can say what age you have to be to find your true love? James (Haley's dad) ~One Tree Hill

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Between Liam having his arm on Niall's shoulder, Niall's hand on Liam's waist and Niall with his hand on his hip, NIAM ALL THE WAY! :D Liam Payne and Niall Horan One Direction love it haa