Try sketchnoting w/ your students this year! Sylvia Duckworth Matt Miller

16 Things Teachers Should Try in 2016 [infographic]

Why Doodling Matters via The Doodle Revolution #Sketchnote #Doodling

:) Next year we will be having doodling note books so that the kids can doodle about their learning. I will be checking the doodle journal each day.

Mind Mapping as Instructional Guide :: YES! leave ample space in planner for this!

Behold, the Awesome Science of Mind Mapping (an infographic for teaching/using mindmapping)

For an entire month, I morphed into a pirate in my classroom. Well, that's not totally accurate. There were no eye patches, hooks, peg legs or parrots. I morphed into a PIRATE, as in "Teach Like a ...

“Do you want to create pirate experiences? Add these hooks as doodled by

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True Grit

Love this infographic from Sylvia Duckworth on the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. So powerful and so perfect for helping students change their thinking!

Top Ten Tech Tips for Teachers | | #edtech #edchat #edtechchat

Top 10 Tech Tips for Teachers #SketchNote

Hello 2015! Goals For a New Year #sketchnotes #edtech

Setting goals for the new year? I'm looking forward to creating, celebrating and collaborating.

15 Rules of Great Teaching | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

from-student-to-teacher: “ 12 Rules Of Great Teaching by Terry Heick Recently, I’ve been thinking of the universal truths in teaching. Don’t always start planning with a.

Digital Differentiation with Google Forms #sketchnote from my presentation at #ISTE15 Google Booth

Digital Differentiation with Google Forms #sketchnote from my presentation at #ISTE15 Google Booth

Buidling School Culture - Sketch Notes

Langwitches, The Magic of Learning. Modern learning that transforms education in the century. Finding new forms and redefining learning for the challenges of the future .