Repinning because I literally can't stop laughing at that bottom photo

That's literally how I spend my Friday nights. Watching LOTR, The Hobbit, and any of the Marvel movies! I'm a nerd!

I'm a dude and I have 6 other brothers. Our mom just found out she's expecting a baby girl.Good luck, her future boyfriend.

I'm a dude and I have 6 other brothers. Our mom just found out she's expecting a baby girl.Good luck, her future boyfriend. <<<Are you the Weasleys?

Age does NOT equal maturity! Some people make it so difficult to "respect your elders" BUH BAM!

This is so true

I miss my mom, dad, grandma. Life has been rough without them in my life. I long for a day to be with all of them again. But I know there waiting for me up in heaven and they want me to live my life to the fullest so thats what I'm going to do (:

The Secret Language of Narcissists, Sociopaths and Psychopaths: How Abusers Manipulate and Traumatize Their Victims

Depression and anxiety are crippling illnesses. We need to work at removing the stigma in society that surrounds them so people are not frightened of talking about their feelings and seeking the help they need.

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"And that's what makes me a GREAT gambler." *smiles*

Love Me Alpha - Chapter 28

Oh golly I get told all the time by T that I am super stubborn.and that's who I am

I really like sleeping.

some of these are really random, who doesn't like sleeping? and this one should say "i love sleeping".

I'd rather be behind the camera than in front of it...and that's who I am.

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...and that's who I am. ❤ liked on Polyvore

I love all the people in my life . But this is so me as well! It's really not a bucket list to do item; however, I cherish my alone time at home and always will:)

Girl sitting on bed looking at night sky & stars fantasy art

"Beautiful things happen in the dark when the sun goes to sleep when the stars give light kisses when the moon is a spotlight life stays beautiful even when you are covered in darkness.

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Sometimes, but not all the time. Just me time.

I could spend hours listening to music

It is not "I could spend hours listening to music." It's "I do spend hours listening to music.

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Yes! Ever since I was little I would stand outside wide my tounge sticking out drinkin' up the rain and watching the sky light up with lightning and my ears fill with the sound I thunder. One of my favorite things to do ever.