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Shenna Yung

NYC Girlie

DIY container garden made with copper gutters

plain boxes to pretty storage boxes

Just what I was searching for - put it to use for formal wear, and kept dress wherever it was positioned on tape.

whole wheat apple muffins

I bought these headphones a couple months before.

Dress looks great on anyone!! I didn

Healthified Oatmeal Peanut Butter Breakfast Cookies

The author uses plenty of documented scientific experiments to make his points.

I bought this book because the caps were so pretty.

Ive been dabbing it on potential breakouts and current pimples now for over six weeks and the stuff is a miracle.

Beach house anyone?

I bought this book thinking it was a new makeup guide that Rae Morris arrived on the scene with but it is as her prior guide the Identical guide, Makeup: The Ultimate Guide! This new guide, Beautiful Eyes: The Ultimate Eye Makeup Guide is just the eyes section of her previous book changed to this book.

Just twins..... wait what??!

The time that I received this dainty gold round-shaped white Amethyst ring

I don't have a large enough dessert repertoire.

I don't have a large enough dessert repertoire.