Ádám Csordás

Ádám Csordás

Nem a világ kicsi, hanem én vagyok világsztár!
Ádám Csordás
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Black Truffle Fried Egg with Mushrooms and Blue Cheese

Black Truffle Fried Egg with Mushrooms and Blue Cheese / What Katie Ate.two of my favorite foods.blue cheese and mushrooms

Nikon DF

Nikon Df DSLR camera – old school modernism And now, thanks to Nikon, we can have it all! A modern DSLR camera, that looks and feels old. Quite frankly, it is stunni


The Luchador Mexican Wrestler Bottle Opener is a mini wrestler that will open your bottle of beer using a headlock. The wrestler is made of stainless steel, has a rubber coating, measures 6 inches lon.


Like the combination of some traditional style (the mirrors), some contemporary (the vanity countertop and undermounted sinks) rustic (the wood finish on the vanity front). The lights are not my style but I love the bathroom aside from that!

Mentalpieces X-Ray Lightbox // Vintage Canon SLR By Kelly Hoffman

Mentalpieces artworks are original designs—each piece a limited edition with every detail honed to perfection. This sale features illuminated x-ray art from artist Ke.