Simon Banks

Simon Banks

Australia  ·  Simon Banks is a conference speaker on Creativity and Innovation for big business and a brilliant Conference MC, Illustrator and Graphic Facilitator.
Simon Banks
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Featured Image for Brisbane barista makes coffee even better with rainbow latte art

What was once a quiet Brisbane cafe, is now an internet sensation thanks to a unique menu item. Emily Coumbis, a barista at Piggy Back Cafe in the Brisbane suburb of Jindalee, is .

Video from Mizuma Art show – Ken + Julia Yonetani 米谷健+ジュリア

Video from Mizuma Art show – Ken + Julia Yonetani 米谷健+ジュリア

Sophie Sammes body paint photography

Aussie Sophie Sammes turns the photography world on its head with her body paint series

These ferocious animals killing other animals are still so adorable

I can't say I've ever thought a cat chomping down on a dying bird was cute, but somehow illustrator Alex Solis makes his Predator & Prey series quite a

Loving this: #streetart  #handpainted by Malaysian #Artist # ShawnLu #creativeMelbourne

shaun lu / shamuslu / shawn lu / street artist / fine artist from malaysia in melbourne painting very detailed acrylic mostly black and white

Loving this # streetart by Stefaan De Croock - murals by recycling old doors #Belgiumstreetart

Belgian street artist Stefaan De Croock, better known as ‘Strook’, covers public walls with massive murals depicting silhouettes of people. What makes these works more interesting though is that they aren’t made from paint, but rather from doors.

Liking these: Mashups of small and big objects #photography

In his series ‘Combo Photos’, Stephen McMennamy juxtaposes small objects with much larger ones, creating unexpected but fun images that show the beauty of


produce street art and graffiti art festivals, exhibitions, and murals including Paradox in Tauranga and Rise and Spectrum in Christchurch.