The Walking Disney Dead... Oh my God I love this!

The Walking Dead Disney Edition.two of my favorite things together ♥ <<< I'm not a walking dead fan, but it's so cute<<I love how Merida and Mulan are being badass on their own and elsa&ana are a sister team

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts - I love her laugh and her smile. A woman who is unafraid of laugh lines is a beautiful, real woman.

penelope cruz

From Audrey Hepburn to Penelope Cruz, here are 32 women who embody the beauty of life on the dark side. Being a dark Brunette myself, I lean toward beauty in natural Brunettes too, Penelope is so gorgeous.

Emma Watson

Official Top 30 World's Most Beautiful Women Of Emma is a natural beauty you could see it as she grew from a little girl in Harry Potter she had that lovable thing about her and it will never go away. A smile to melt your heart.

Scarlett Johansson

natural cat eye: dark shadow concentrated on outer corner bottom lid, spread to top half upper lid. thin black cat eye eyeliner, lashes longer at outer corners. rounded eyebrows, shimmery pink red lips Turning Back The Clock On Wrinkles

Jennifer Lawrence

Horny Facts™ on

Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle, 2013 Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle), with her best supporting actress nomination, becomes the youngest three-time acting nominee. She is just Teresa Wright was 24 years old when she received her third nomination in

Jessica Biel's hair-that's how I want it (color)

Jessica Biel Medium Length Hairstyle: Haircut with Curly Side - Pretty Designs

Amanda Seyfried (her hair is amazing!)

Amanda Seyfried is perfect. I love her hair and makeup! One of my favorite actresses