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I've always been obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw's apartment. Maybe one day, I'll re-create it for myself.

This is a house-plan based in the apartment of Carrie Bradshaw from the TV show "Sex & the City" (Not the movie). It's an original hand drawed pla. Carrie Bradshaw apartment from Sex and the City


Mindhorn - If you are into stories about washed up actors full of themselves then this is the movie for you! The film has it moments.


The Royal Tenenbaums - a good, not a great film but a brilliant supercool look. The costume designer deserved an Oscar. Wes Anderson always with the style miles ahead of the plot substance.

Stand By Me Gang. This makes me smile, big time :)

Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, Jerry O’Connell & Corey Feldman - Stand by Me,

“Oh Boy” (Film mit Tom Schilling)

“Oh Boy” - Tom Schilling als 'twentysomething' in Berlin