Gajeel vs Levy

Gajeel vs Levy - One say this could very well happen Gale!

fairy tail

Technically there are FOUR Lucy's. Edolas Lucy, furture Lucy, Gemini Lucy, and normal Lucy. Also there is 7 dragon slayers and 5 'cats'

Gray Fullbuster

Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail) He is one of my anime husbands, oml.

Fairy Tail is so funny, I think Erza has a bit to much spirt

Fairy Tail with Erza showing who's boss! Sparta it is!

By Hiro Mashima

The thing I really love about anime is the unbreakable comradery that forms between the characters and how they are willing to sacrifice everything to save they're Nakama's art by hiro mashima - Fairy Tail

Erza is probably around.

Natsu and Gray (Fairy Tail) - I bet erza is watching