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Eytan Levy

Pretentious English major who loves travel and indignant ranting.
Eytan Levy
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Why a packable down jacket is the secret weapon of ultralight backpacking. Great for travel, hiking, or winter warmth anywhere.

I’ve met quite a few people who live in fear of winter travel, or even winter staying-at-home. They’re utterly terrified of single-digit temperatures, and lock themselves up at the firs…

Why you might want to build a minimalist wardrobe, even if you never thought you could.

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How to pack light, even if you need winter travel clothing.

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The 10 most embarrassing American stereotypes...which are horribly true.

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Rohan Jeans Plus: Quick-drying and with travel-friendly hidden pockets.

Rohan Jeans Plus: Quick-drying and with travel-friendly hidden pockets.

The Mission Workshop Remi. Why don't all waterproof jackets look this good?

Waterproof Hooded Blazer Inspired by classic design, the Remi blazer is built with modern waterproof materials and large storm hood.

Wool and Prince Better Button Down: A travel-friendly merino wool dress shirt that will never wrinkle.

Dress Shirt From Wool&Prince Dress shirt can be worn 100 times before cleaning. Wrinkle Resistant, Odor Resistant, Climate Control, Six Times More Durable Than Cotton, Superfine Fibers for comfort and no itching and scratching like normal wool.

Plaited Merino Stretch Jacket from QOR. All the outdoorsy performance of merino wool in a street-friendly style.

Plaited means you get two different surfaces in a single layer fabric. All the Merino on the inside, all the polyester on the outside. We were thinking warm, stretchy midlayer when we designed this jacket… and given the polyester/Merino wool/elastane fab