Check out these 10 helpful tips to satisfy your need for cleaning speed:

10 Tips to Help You Speed-Clean Your Home

Learn the benefits of cleaning with baking soda. You'll be surprised at all of the amazing cleaning you can do with baking soda and how well it cleans everything in your home. Start making baking soda a must have when you're cleaning your house.

Cleaning with Baking Soda

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This needs to happen.

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How to Clean Window Tracks with little to NO SCRUBBING! #cleaningtips #cleaningtricks #diy

How to: Clean Window Tracks

Sprinkle a bit of baking soda into the corners, pour a bit of vinegar into a cup and pour it into the tracks. Wipe clean.

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Follow this simple schedule and you can Clean your House in Only 20 Minutes a Day. You will feel like your house is always clean!

Clean your House in Only 20 Minutes a Day

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Read on for five fabulous tips to help take the dread out of cleaning day:

Five Fantastic Tips for Making Cleaning FUN!

You won't believe how many germs your faucet can hold! Use our tips to give it a good cleaning:

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". . . sprinkle a bit of baking soda into the corners, pour a bit of vinegar into a cup and pour it into the tracks. . . ."

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Make spring cleaning easier with this helpful guide

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Does Your Garbage Can Have Bad Breath

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How to get your Floors to Shine using Quick Floor Hine. I encouraged use of this product months ago on Pinterest.There is also a Quick Floor Cleaner for in between care of floors as water seems to easily spot the shine. Just wipe with the floor cleaner and voila! The best products!

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ONLY use this and it leaves floor spotless. (Heavy duty floor cleaner recipe: cup white vinegar 1 tablespoon liquid dish soap cup baking soda 2 gallons tap water, very warm.) It leaves everything smelling amazing.

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Super simple and effective method to get those stains out! Step by Step Carpet Stain Removal via Clean Mama

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gorgeous deck

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How to fake a clean house in 20 minutes. Over 25 tips, some that you probably wouldn't think of

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Simple #Garage #Organization Solutions by The Sweet Spot Blog #diy #home #decor

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7 Kitchen Organizational Ideas that will help your kitchen be more functional.

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