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DIY Ribbon and Pearl Stretch Bracelet by twinkleandtwine #DIY #Bracelet #Pearl

Twinkle and Twine: Tutorial: Ribbon and Pearl Stretch Bracelets
  • Leslie Norman
    Leslie Norman

    Ooo I bet you could do this with Christmas bulbs for the wall!

HOW TO cut one long strand of yarn out of a t-shirt

HOW TO cut continuous t-shirt yarn
  • Kresha Cano
    Kresha Cano

    what else do you do with it?

  • Rebecca Lara
    Rebecca Lara

    Hi Kresha, you can make rugs, place mats, etc. In a knit store you will pay big time for this yarn. I am so glad this got posted.

  • Norma Koonce
    Norma Koonce

    You use it like regular yarn. Should be really durable and washable.

  • teresa k
    teresa k

    I like this. will make a great rug

  • Sarena Aneras
    Sarena Aneras

    I'm thinking about making a throw pillow or two. Thanks for the tip!

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tennis ball + 2 grommets = too cute!

Tennis Ball Redo: A DIY Stuff Holder
  • Esther Hernandez
    Esther Hernandez

    cute idea!

  • Jessica Robinett
    Jessica Robinett

    i think this is really cute!

  • Susan Schram
    Susan Schram

    This is too cool

  • Aza Daugherty
    Aza Daugherty

    So many uses. What a great idea!

  • Lisa Lindley
    Lisa Lindley

    Love this idea

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Good tutorial on how to make mosaic tiles from plates.

  • Angel Woliver
    Angel Woliver

    well thats one way..i just took a hammer to my dishes and tada...

  • Jennifer Rice
    Jennifer Rice

    I like yours better, stress relief!!

  • Alyssa Clenuar
    Alyssa Clenuar

    This one's nice! :)

  • Ahmed Saad
    Ahmed Saad


DIY Poof Rug

MYK Pom-Pom Furniture - Design Milk
  • Clara Driebe
    Clara Driebe


  • Bridgette Uhler
    Bridgette Uhler


  • Angela InWonderland
    Angela InWonderland

    excuse me? poof means a different word in my country

  • JoAnn Ballow
    JoAnn Ballow

    love this right up my ally

  • Julieta Reyes Simpson
    Julieta Reyes Simpson

    My new obsession!

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use old credit cards/gift cards, cut to size. glue on scrapbook paper, pictures, stickers, embellishments etc... paint a layer of mod podge to seal.

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  • julianne


  • julianne


  • Ashley Cook
    Ashley Cook

    I like to use the credit cards that come in the mail to get you to call them back since I dont have too many credit cards.

  • Kristen Dean
    Kristen Dean

    Gonna have to try this. This is a very good idea.

  • Carmen Peddy
    Carmen Peddy it kafkat

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Bommel Chair by myk #Chair #Pompom

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Button Bracelets- Summertime with the girls.

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  • Layne Becker
    Layne Becker

    @Heidi Shonk

  • Susan Fisch
    Susan Fisch

    I love it! I have a mason jar filled with buttons.

  • Rohini Thomas
    Rohini Thomas

    Great idea for all those odd buttons floating around!

  • Ruca, la casa de los complementos la casa de los complementos
    Ruca, la casa de los complementos la casa de los complementos

    I like it so much!! from Spain

  • Amber Harrison
    Amber Harrison

    awesome idea

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Mason jar pendant light (Apartment Therapy)

Before & After: Katy's $700 Window-Centric Kitchen Remodel
  • Willisa Weaver Houlihan
    Willisa Weaver Houlihan


  • Angela Chaussee Stahl
    Angela Chaussee Stahl

    I love mason jars. I use them as drinking glasses.

  • Alexia Freeman
    Alexia Freeman

    This picture makes me smile


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  • Emiko Kase
    Emiko Kase

    This is a cool project to do for younger or older girls.


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Top 100 Tutorials of 2011

Top 100 Tutorials of 2011 «

Top 100 Tutorials of 2011

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diy family stepping stones
  • Sandy Gasca
    Sandy Gasca

    I've done this with my kids.

  • Kaitlin Dumouchel-Sorensen
    Kaitlin Dumouchel-Sorensen

    What did you use for the stone? Cement?

  • Vicki Shininger
    Vicki Shininger

    I just made a couple of these with my grandsons for their mom on Mother's Day. I had trouble getting the right consistency. Water kept seeping out to the top making it difficult to get good imprints. I used inexpensive foil cake pans, and it worked perfect. They turned out cute...we'll try it again sometime.

  • Nicki Rose
    Nicki Rose

    Love love love!!!

  • Kristen Brazas Murray
    Kristen Brazas Murray

    Huge fan of stepping stones!!

rabbit-eared pedestals and domes by Tina Frey

lapin dome
  • Jenn Ehm
    Jenn Ehm

    Is this a cake or what? It'd make a super cute Easter cake... And leave an empty pet cage open nearby lol

I love this-- use ANY canvas, apply stickers, decal, etc., and spray paint. Remove Decals; hang white lights behind it. ellenrosie

AT Europe: Paris - Valérie Boy at Salon Maison et Objet
  • Patricia Munday
    Patricia Munday

    Love this

  • Meredith Alley
    Meredith Alley

    Here's the original link. A Parisian artist made it by cutting metal. http://www.apartmenttherapy...

  • Curtis Haney
    Curtis Haney

    Very cool..

  • Roberta Brown
    Roberta Brown

    GORGEOUS!!!! I want one

  • Anna Seidel
    Anna Seidel

    Thank you for the original link!

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Fairies in a jar DIRECTIONS: 1. Cut a glow stick and shake the contents into a jar. Add diamond glitter 2. Seal the top with a lid. 3. Shake.

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  • Christina Otruba
    Christina Otruba

    My little girl Abby is going to love this!

  • Rose Smith
    Rose Smith

    i have got to do this with my kiddos!

  • Rebecca Mejia
    Rebecca Mejia

    My daughters would so love this

  • Blanca Cassidy
    Blanca Cassidy

    You could just glue the lid shut if you are worried little ones might try to open it :)

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diy flying wedding couple balloons on brooklyn bride. this is awesome! #diy #wedding #craft #balloon

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  • Amelia-Jayne Frodyma
    Amelia-Jayne Frodyma


  • Mishella Mase
    Mishella Mase

    i think its awesome! Mobile surrealism.

  • Angela InWonderland
    Angela InWonderland

    I hate what balloons do to our environment and to the animals who unknowingly eat them when they fall in the sea.

  • Darby Vernon
    Darby Vernon

    Andrea Madrid

  • Darby Vernon
    Darby Vernon

    Andrea Madrid

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Avec schéma...

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  • Suzete Dienstmann Musse
    Suzete Dienstmann Musse


Avec schéma...

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Pink and gray butterfly mobile

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  • Emily Christina
    Emily Christina

    alexis... u could do this for avalyn

  • Missy Gartner
    Missy Gartner

    I would hang this in my room for sure lol..jayda would like it too

  • Renee Taylor
    Renee Taylor

    Just love butterflies

  • Christine Mecca
    Christine Mecca

    I love this!

  • Mellissa Rupnow
    Mellissa Rupnow

    Super cute

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Pink and gray butterfly mobile

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  • Tonya Butcher
    Tonya Butcher

    so adorable

  • Tonia Tuttle
    Tonia Tuttle


  • Cindi Roberts
    Cindi Roberts

    This is tooooo cute

bead/cloth necklace // want to make something similar for me to wear for Shai to chew

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  • Jody Starfish
    Jody Starfish

    so cute...that's what i can do with my bin of fabric scaps. noice!

  • Kiyana Fayyaz
    Kiyana Fayyaz


  • Kerri Johnson
    Kerri Johnson

    Need to start this soon...but I am dreading!

I-Spy in a bottle

DIY I Spy Bottle — Meet The Dubiens
  • Shari Semmelrath Tebbe
    Shari Semmelrath Tebbe

    So doing this

  • Shannon Huebner Kopp
    Shannon Huebner Kopp

    Great for road trips.

  • Francesca Wood
    Francesca Wood

    Looks pretty neat if you use coloured rice as well!

  • Corey Verdin
    Corey Verdin

    I'm SO doing this for our approaching road trip.

  • Amber Harrison
    Amber Harrison

    wow how cool!!!

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