Phillipe Cancilieri

Phillipe Cancilieri

Phillipe Cancilieri
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Blue/Grey Vinyl Floor Tiles

Vintage Blue Grey -Floor Tile Decals - Vinyl Floor - Bathroom flooring - Kitchen Flooring - Flooring - Tile Stickers - Tile Decals - PACK OF Tiles Decals - SKU

Moorish lanterns and design are a gorgeous way to illuminate your event and evening!  Gentle, forgiving shadows meet an Old World design sensibility to make your tables (and tree's canopy!) truly breathtaking! #shopnectar

last pinner- "Vagabond Vintage Perforated Metal Moroccan Lanterns" I love lanterns sooo much! I'm thinking about getting a bunch and clustering them on my floor in a corner!

Eye catching architecture in Belgium.  Europe. doors of the world. unique doors.  door art. front door.

Heavenly Homes today is all about Art Deco Interior Design. Art Deco is an artistic and decadent style that began in the in Paris – it influenced everything throughout the and from fashion and interior design to architecture and art.

Arabic style in the interior of Luxury Antonovich Design, Katrina Antonovich

Arabic style in the interior is the perfect way to create a fantastic atmosphere of an Oriental fairy tale. This beautiful color reflects the wealth and sophistication, tranquility and harmony. This room is the perfect place to relax.