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I love twilight but I hate how Bella plays with both Edward and Jacobs heart.

The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2: Bella, Edward, & Reneesme Cullen

Twilight sagas Breaking Dawn Part Bella, Renesmee, and Edward the complete Cullen family! Such a gorgeous family photo!

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Why again couldn't this be said in the movie ugh I love the proposal scene but just add that quote

Edward Cullen ( Robert Pattinson), Bella Swan ( Kristen Stewart), Renesmee Carlie Cullen


Renessmae,Bella and Edward. My favorite charachters/actors of all time from the movie twighlight!

Bella and Edward and Esme and Carlisle.... The similarities in the photos make me so happy :)

Twilight Saga - Cullen couples by bsasserdaughtridge, - created with BeFunky Photo Editor and Collage Maker

Edward, Jacob and Bella - Awesome Fan Art - The Twilight Saga

This is like me, but with 2 girls. Me and this fucking annoying bitch called Annabel. I'm Bella, my boyfriend is Edward. The difference between me and twilight is that there is a fucking annoying bitch called Annabel