Os piscianos tem a ÁGUA como elemento zodiacal, por isso são criaturas que se diluem com relativa facilidade.  Earth, Wind, Fire, Water

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water: One An elemental circle cast; a breath of all being. This is a primordial sense of unity from the oldest paths of wisdom

Elements Air: "#Air," ~ Madame Endora Fortunetelling Cards.

The Air Element in Astrology The element air is the life-energy which has been associated with breath or what the yogis term “prana.” The air realm is the world of archetypal ideas behind the veil of the physical world, the cosmic energy actualized.

Elements Fire:  "#Fire," ~ Madame Endora Fortunetelling Cards.

Fire Element in Astrology The element fire refers to a universal radiant energy, an energy which is excitable, enthusiastic, and which through its light brings color into the world. This element has been correlated with the dynamic core of psychic.

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I got: Raging Fire (Ka)! Which of the Four Elements are you?

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°The Sun ~ Madame Endora Fortunetelling Cards * Arielle Gabriel who gives free…

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Avatar the Last Airbender/ The Legend of Korra: bending chart.<<< there were really this many types of bending? I need to catch up


The classical four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, are sacred because they are the substance of life. These four elements are infused.

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Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards blend Egyptian, Celtic and fantasy themes into an original, easy-to-use oracle deck of 48 cards. Most artwork is dimensional and detailed, but for 15 cards which…

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