This is a super cute project that my students love and it can be used with any language! I use this activity to review clothing & travel vocab right before summer break. My kids are asked to pack their suitcases for their dream vacation. After they put together their craft, they enjoy practicing their speaking skills as they proudly reveal their destination, tell what clothes they plan to take & why..and present their creation to the rest of the class. It includes a full color & linear versi...

La maleta

You can download full versions of this project here: French restaurant group presentation Spanish restaurant group presentation We have the food unit that comes up in our foreign language classes almost every year and every text book has at least one chapter devoted to it.  I  created this group project that has students incorporate everything…

Foreign Language Class Group Speaking Project for a Food Unit

First Year High School Spanish Cultural Projects - A great way to infuse your students' Spanish learning with culture. LEARN how you can do this project with your students:


Classroom Creativities: Class Project: Spanish Is All Around Us... Students bring in something with Spanish written on it.

Classroom Creativities: Class Project: Spanish Is All Around Us

Foreign (World) Language Writing Project. (French, Spanish)

Foreign Language Writing Project

I am in love with this project! Would love to do on first day of school OR with my fifth graders at the end of the year..who are you as you leave for middle school and who do u hope to be...mind is turning...

Holley Portraits

Each student chooses a famous person, researches facts about them, then writes a paragraph about them in Spanish, in the first person. Everyone can read the descriptions, then guess the person. Lift the papers to find out the person being described.

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Student this for the first week of school. Possibly have 2 writing samples one from beginning of year and one from the end?

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Download lesson plans, worksheets, & rubrics to assess students through real-world projects.

Free Resources and Tools for "Authentic" Assessment

Realiza tú también un cartel en el que te presentarás

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My Place in the World project...this would be perfect for teaching levels of trust for kids with social thinking issues - further out = protect yourself

"My Place in the World:" Kids Geography Project

Proyecto de lectura usando cartas

Ideas Para la

Resources for Spanish Teachers (project using familiar commands) Here is a project idea for your Spanish class! I have included t...

Resources for Spanish Teachers (project using familiar commands)

Weather Project for my Spanish Classroom. Students use to research the 5 day forecast in spanish of a chosen Spanish-Speaking city, create a visual depicting weather, and then present a weather forecast verbally in Spanish in class. Here were the visuals made.

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Make a Fun Facts / Activity Book about Spain - Castilian Spanish

Make a Fun Facts / Activity Book about Spain - Castilian Spanish

student created project after study of the Spanish Civil WAr and Franco.

Level 4 Spanish Civil War / Art / Film unit

Argentina . . . ¿Quizás un proyecto? Los estudiantes harán un mapa con fotos apropiadas del país. Luego se presentan los mapas . . .

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Have kids tell a short story this way. Tell them how many pictures they can have (min/max) and let them tell a story. - I love this idea so much!!! We all know how much kids like taking pictures of themselves :D

Snow in a Teapot: Design Blog: If Found...

15 great projects for Spanish 1 Class

Spanish Projects

Poemario colectivo Poesía, eres tú

Poesia Malin

Activity to go with the Frida Kahlo and Reflexives Video

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Free country report sheet. Good idea to create one in Spanish!

Cool Country Report: Fill-in Poster

picasso self portraits

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Ten Cultural Projects to Enrich Foreign Language, Geography, and Social Studies Courses


Pablo Picasso.

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