Start with a waterfall braid, take the pieces that hang down and braid them. Continue with a french braid using the braids hanging from the waterfall braid as your added in sections. I can't wait to try this! It's so pretty!

How-To Guide to Hairstyles (27 pics)

Everyday New Fashion : 11 Interesting And Useful Hair Tutorials For Every Day, DIY Summer Side Braid Hairstyle

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The French Fishtail Seashell Braid! I can french braid my own hair and i can fishtail.but i certainly cannot fishtail my own hair!

side by side dutch braid. cute

The Double French Braid Ramp up your braids and double up. Pull outwards on each french braid for a loosened style. I really love the double French braid.


One-sided braid tutorial from Lauren Conrad. An easy back to school style!

Cool hairstyle @Azelia Aguilar Zapien  look omfreakinggosh

Pictures of Waterfall Braid For Long Curly Hair. Get hairstyles ideas and inspiration with Waterfall Braid For Long Curly Hair.

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