I like butterflies

50 Amazing Butterfly Tattoos For Girls: may come in handy when I wanna get my tattoo

I like the colors in it

I want this in black and white and to incorporate it into my quote design. Instead of just being just a feather, I would have it writing the quote.

Sisters Forever Anchor My sisters are my anchor. I definitely want sister tattoos someday.

Sisters Forever Anchor My sister is my anchor. I definitely want sister tattoos someday with my sissy Samuel :)

heart sister tattoo | Tattoo Ideas Central @S. Fernandez can we please get matching tattoos?

If my sister would ever get a tattoo with me this is what I would want. Sisters Heart Infinity Sign Tattoo by ~Metacharis on deviantART

i really like this. definitely getting a dream catcher tattoo...

Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs: The Dream Catcher tattoo art originated from Native America, it was first created by the Chippewa people. The typical dream catcher design has a handmade web or net with loop decorated with feathers, beads and other objects.

fullbody-tattoos: Dove Tattoo Meaning

You often see people wearing dove tattoo designs to show their wish for universal peace. The dove combines with simple elements, in elegant tattoo designs.

dove tattoo                                                                              <3

Dove tattoo styles are the foremost well-liked tattoo worn by each men and ladies. Here we present the list of 30 Dove Tattoo Designs For Girls.

This Irish girl LOVES this tattoo idea!!!

Claddagh / Celtic knot tattoo - would probably add some color to the heart and make it green for the Emerald Isle