Stephanie Jeanne Knits

Stephanie Jeanne Knits

New York, US  ·  NYC Knitter, Designer, Instructor
Stephanie Jeanne Knits
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Fade Set - Space Cadet on Madhouse

Fade Set - Space Cadet on Madhouse

Fingering Yarn, Acid Dyes, Socks, Stockings, Dress Socks, Sock, Boot Socks

Kitchen Tray, Drinks Tray, Wooden Trays, Rustic Elegance, Serving Trays, Rustic Wood, Grains, Home Kitchens, Wood Working, Barbecue, Breakfast, Trays, Wooden Serving Trays, Woodworking, Woodworking Tools, Kitchens, Carpentry

For our year anniversary of the Plucky Shindig it’s so fitting that we would collaborate with Karen Templer at Fringe Supply Co. to create a Limited Edition Field Bag…in you guessed it…Plucky Pink!

Ruler, Christmas 2016, Gauges, Count, Ann, Knits, Breien, Ears Piercing, Knitting Patterns, Stricken, Knitwear, Knitting Stitches, Knitting


reignsalonandspaHair by Erin ! This client wanted to keep her natural on top with some sassy fun colors underneath

Cranberry Sauce recipe from Alton Brown via Food Network

Cranberry Sauce Recipe : Alton Brown : Alterations - reduce overall sweetener and use a blend of maple syrup and honey. Use apple cider instead of cranberry juice.