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Nerds can like many things... Firfely, Star Wars, Battlestar, computers, alien cupcakes, the books of George RR Martin and Stephen Hunt, cosplay, and now... Pinterest!
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Independence Day: Resurgence, your big fat alien mamma.

The women of 'Game of Thrones' do not mess around!

Clarkson's Amazon Top Gear 'upgrade' TV show named 'The Grand Tour'.

Awesome science fiction and fantasy round-up (Offworld Report: Tuesday 10th May 2016).

Thousand plus new planets found by NASA.

Electric Dreams: The World of Philip K. Dick comes to UK TV.

Publishing is in a weird place: ebook sales are stagnating; publishing has shrunk to five major publishers; libraries and publishers are at each others' throats over ebook pricing; and major writer...

In the next 20 years, between 50 percent to 100 percent of the world's energy production could come from solar. Today, the global oil and natural gas industry is about... read more

Awesome science fiction and fantasy round-up (Offworld Report: Sunday 8th May 2016).

"I will upload Windows Vista on your harddrive and watch you burn." | 23 Times Tumblr's Love For Captain America Got It Right

I see Batman

Bourne free? 1st trailer for the Jason Bourne film.

Singer Prince dies aged 57.

How does change happen? We go on a trip with Robert Reich outside the “bubble” to reach folks in the heartland of America to find out.

This makes me sad. Probably because I am alone. ///// honey don't worry, your Rory is coming.

A Match Made in Heaven

Humans are scary!

Come on guys, you know the drill!!!! Repin to all your boards!!!! We NEED to make this happen!< OMG! YES.

Star Wars Boba Fett Embossed Wallet | ThinkGeek

Star Wars Boba Fett Embossed Purse | ThinkGeek