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    Nice for Nerds

    Nerds can like many things... Firfely, Star Wars, Battlestar, computers, alien cupcakes, the books of George RR Martin and Stephen Hunt, cosplay, and now... Pinterest!

    Nice for Nerds

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    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2: latest trailer.

    Bone Tomahawk trailer.

    Spectre's Writing's On The Wall (new Sam Smith Bond theme).

    The Martian (2015) (film review by Mark R. Leeper).

    It's called SPECTRE . . . James Bond new trailer.

    Gerry Anderson Collectables by Rob Burman (book review)

    Sci-fi Super Sunday and Saturday: free and cheap books galore.

    Game of Thrones pinball machine sure plays a mean Iron Throne ball?

    Walking Dead sixth season trailerage.

    The Year’s Top Ten Tales Of Science Fiction 7 edited by Allan Kaster (CD book review).


    Fifth Element's opera - now, not so impossible for a human to sing!

    Hell's Club (super-mashup).

    Wire Cutters (animated scifi short).

    The "Doctor Who"/"Nightmare Before Christmas" Mash-Up You Always Wanted

    Shannara Chronicles - new trailer.

    The 5th Wave (trailer).

    Minimalist Supernatural Poster cosplay by CelestialOtter on Etsy, $16.90

    This am actual balcony...this is still hilarious and def cool!

    What Type Of Jedi Are You?


    Humor Train

    Especially energy.

    Wearable technology has exploded, bringing with it a trend of smart clothing, smart watches, fitness trackers and a whole lot more. This list covers the hottest wearable gadgets in the world today.

    A simple how to tutorial to turn your smartphone in a 3D hologram. All you need is a smartphone, old CD case, superglue, pair of scissors, pen and graph paper. And the end result is simply stunning