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Nerds can like many things... Firfely, Star Wars, Battlestar, computers, alien cupcakes, the books of George RR Martin and Stephen Hunt, cosplay, and now... Pinterest!

Nice for Nerds

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The "Doctor Who"/"Nightmare Before Christmas" Mash-Up You Always Wanted

Shannara Chronicles - new trailer.

The 5th Wave (trailer).

Minimalist Supernatural Poster cosplay by CelestialOtter on Etsy, $16.90

This am actual balcony...this is still hilarious and def cool!


Humor Train

Especially energy.

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Wearable technology has exploded, bringing with it a trend of smart clothing, smart watches, fitness trackers and a whole lot more. This list covers the hottest wearable gadgets in the world today.

A simple how to tutorial to turn your smartphone in a 3D hologram. All you need is a smartphone, old CD case, superglue, pair of scissors, pen and graph paper. And the end result is simply stunning

The Master Of Heathcrest Hall (book 3) by Galen Beckett (book review).

Psychology For Screenwriters by William Indick (book review).

Took me a second


Hmmm... What to Choose?

Can You Guess Which Letter Has Been Added?

Can You Remember Who Killed Whom In The "Harry Potter" Books?

What Do Your Fandom Allegiances Say About You?

Sideways fish hook necklace in silver by BulletBabeDesigns on Etsy Country Girl. Hunting. Country Wedding. Redneck Wedding. Fishing Jewelry. Bullet Jewelry. Redneck. Country Boy. Country. Deer Hunting. Fishing Girl. Browning. Camo. Realtree. Mossy Oak. Guns. Firearms. Shotgun Shell Jewelry. Archery. Bullet Ring. Bullet Earrings. Huntress. Bowhunting. Farm Girl. Farm Boy. 4H. FFA. Bullet Jewelry. Shotgun Shell Jewelry. Country Jewelry. Country Girl. Country Boy.

Fancy Pants by Elentori.devianta... on @DeviantArt

OoO Read This. Makes sense now. My mind is blown

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 latest trailer.

Alien 5 movie: Hicks and Ripley back together again.

Gym buddies by Gretlusky on DeviantArt