Raygun-age Science Fiction (yes: classics!)

Science fiction and fantasy with a side-order of horror from the classic age of pulps (and maybe a bit of the 1970s - but not the Disco bit). This is for vintage scifi art. Modern art by current artists is posted on my other board: "Scifi art that would look good on a Stephen Hunt novel."
1.16k Pins

Emshwiller for Infinity Science Fiction, October 1957


The Geeky Nerfherder: Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Cover Art: Frank Kelly Freas

The Wild Alien Tamer!

Planet Stories

Tales of the Incredible comics, art by Frank Frazett

Frank Kelly Freas

Planet Stories (Mar)

Planet Stories - Fall 1950

Another stunning addition to the Skeletons in Spacesuits collection! This one’s from issue 534 of the German magazine Terra, and the artist is only identifiable by the signature “Stephan”

Golden Age Comic Book Stories

The Deep Range, book cover

Pulp magazine cover.

Frank R. Paul, 1953.

Space Rangers by Carlos Valenzuela

AMAZING STORIES // pulp art vintage science fiction cover paperback

|| pulp comics japanese science fiction cover art


Fantastic Science Fiction August 1965 Ed Valigursky art

If: Worlds of Science Fiction 43


"US Robot Army" poster by Francesco Francavilla. Perhaps too WWII, but it pulses with dieselpunk energy.

Fantastic Universe Aug. 1957 - cover by Virgil Finlay

Planet Comics #28 (Jan '44) cover by Joe Doolin

Solar Lottery (1959) by Philip K. Dick. Cover by Ed Valigursky.