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Montross, Virginia
Mom of 3 wonderful kids! Audio Book Narrator, Young Living Independent Distributor and more! Looking forward to many adventures with my wonderful Hubby!
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Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Organizing tip: Use pan organizers both horizontally and vertically to maximize storage space in your kitchen cabinets. Use them for pots & pans too!

Love the art work!

[That couch looks extremely comfortable. Beautiful lines, too.] This home decor inspiration has us green with envy! No matter the size of your space, a single statement piece—like this green velvet couch—can add major personality.

greenhouse boxes

Learn how to build cold frames from recycled windows. The cold frames will act like mini greenhouses and let you extend the growing season both

Armpit Detox for Optimal DIY Deodorant Performance

Armpit Detox (and why) for Optimal DIY Deodorant Performance - Camp Wander 1 tablespoon organic apple cider vinegar Filtered water 4 drops Rosemary essential oil 4 drops Lavender essential oil 2 ounce spray bottle

shed and greenhouse could be one building...  I want one!

Amazing Shed Plans - cabane-de-jardin Now You Can Build ANY Shed In A Weekend Even If You've Zero Woodworking Experience! Start building amazing sheds the easier way with a collection of shed plans!

Stovetop potpourri gifts

Just a few friendly requests to make pinning more enjoyable for all of us! There is a good tip here on how to pin things so you end up back to the actual page.

Sprinkle baking soda on the dirt twice a year, nothing will grow there.

if you sprinkle baking soda on the dirt twice a year, nothing will grow there. Sprinkle baking soda twice a year on dirt and nothing with grow there

Garlic Parmesan Green Beans

I love green these Garlic Parmesan Green Beans. I add butter, garlic and parmesan to freshly steamed green beans. It& like not even fair, I know.

Under the sink look like a war zone?  Tension Rod to the rescue!  Keep all your sprays where you can reach them and free up more cabinet space. - Kitchen Tips curated by SavingStar. Get free grocery coupons at

Shower curtain rod to hold bottles, genius. Love this idea for use of wasted space! I've tried the "cheap thin curtain rod" idea for didn't hold up at all. Ill have to try a shower curtain.

Make a Cinnamon Orange Air Freshener - a great Fall gift idea! It smells just like Autumn!

DIY Cinnamon~Orange Air Freshener -- 22 Mason Jar Crafts That Will Get You So Excited for Fall : CountryLiving

This is my favorite homemade chapstick recipe!

homemade chapstick recipe 2 tablespoons organic coconut oil – 2 tablespoons organic shea butter – 2 tablespoons beeswax – drops of essential oils, your choice – A dozen chapstick containers

Great idea!

Power Strip & Cord Storage Keep your power strips off the floor and out of view by hanging a wire basket under your desk. This is also a great solution for short cords that don’t reach the top of your desk without an extension, like a phone charger.

Make A Bee Waterer And Help Hydrate Our Pollinators -

Bees need very shallow water to drink from. To help hydrate our little pollinators, set up a bee bath by filling a pie pan with marbles and then water. The marbles give the bees a spot to land so that they don’t drown when they come to drink.