Ольга Калюканова

Ольга Калюканова

Ольга Калюканова
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La Tour Eiffel // Dominique Corbasson

I can't tell you how much I enjoy the artwork of today's artist, Dominique Corbasson, from Tiger Flower Studios. Dominique is the latest artist to Join Tiger

woodlands bedroom murals

Sea of trees This dreamy forest wallpaper mural brings the elegant calm of the great outdoors right into your home environment. Incredibly relaxing, the tree wallpaper makes for a great bedroom feature.

Travel Journal-Art Diary-Eclectic Design Book | Serafini Amelia| Travel Journal-Fabric Map Cover Australia

Sew Useful Designs: Journal cover Tutorial - long post! Create first journal for my missionary. Stitch the name of the mission.

Come Together, Child Room, Taps, Bedding, Search, Organizations, Living Rooms, Display, Children

built-ins from BORGSJO bookcases, adding drywall and trim for a seamless appearance.

Bergsjö cabinets, IKEA, turned into a lining of a wall that seriously impresses! Use glass doors on top and solid doors on the bottom, so there's space above for pretty things and plenty of hiding spots below.