adjective clouds- for getting to know you activity - hang on rope in the classroom

Could have peers give the adjectives - namebow rainbow--adjective practice! Great for self esteem too!

All About Me! Perfect for Pre-K/K! Add to unit 1poster- (taped around?) self portrait, favorite color,...

All About Me Thematic Unit: Perfect for Pre-K and K

Art portfolio cover All About Me! Perfect for Pre-K/K! Add to unit (taped around?) self portrait, favorite color,.

Next years data unit... have to work with graphing but with 4th grade they'll need to find the mode, median, and range so this is a great idea for 3rd and 4th...

All About Me Week. Used in conjunction with all about me papers. One student could be spotlighted in the first 3 weeks of school.

great idea for beginning of school, "get to know ou" activity!

back to school poem (chrysanthemum) . would make a great pocket chart activity. Find the color words and numbers! Then would make a great classbook.

All About Me  the t-shirt activity would be a fun one! the kids could cut things out of magazines, bring pictures from home, draw things, and basically anything else and put them on their cut out t-shirt. it would be fun and creative and everyone could learn about each other!

Great beginning of the year activity to use with the book 'I like Myself' by Karen Beaumont. Then write have each kid write their sentence on a page, illustrate and bind them to make a class book." Sight word: can