Maneras de decirle sus verdades a tu amiga sin que te deje de hablar

Esta Genial Violetta, Ludmila, Camila Francesca, Y Lara

37 Impossibly Fun Best Friend Photography Ideas: With your hair. if there's a long time for getting ready images, could do on the bed!

25 Simple and Cute Photo Ideas We Can’t Wait to Try

One who can sit down in the middle of the road with their arms around you…Never judging….Only knowing. Is a real friend.and who will pull you out of the middle of the road so you don't get hit by a car.

If you're looking for fun pictures to take with a friend. I'm going to do this one day!

Love this for a friend/sister shot. I would do in black and white with just the eyes in color. This only works with people who have colored eyes, two brown eyed people wouldn't get nearly such a cool picture.