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This rich & creamy Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe is the perfect make ahead dessert. Bake the cheesecake, ladle on fresh strawberry sauce before serving. #SingWithPost #CerealAnytime #ad

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Tender Cinnamon Streusel Apple Coffee Cake: your new favorite sour cream coffee cake. Packed with apples, cinnamon filling & a crumbly cinnamon streusel.

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Boston Cream Eclair Cake: you just gotta love Boston! Delicious pastry cake, surprisingly simple to make.

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Festive Sugared Cranberries. Bursting w/flavor that pops in your mouth. Sweet & tart. Tangy & addictive. Perfect cheesecake garnish, snack, stocking stuffer or gift. Pretty and delicious on the cheese tray.

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Brick Street Chocolate Cupcakes: everything you love about the decadent Famous Brick Street Chocolate Cake, but in cupcake form. Individual rich, dense chocolate cupcakes with thick, chocolate ganache frosting.

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Gorgeous Christmas roll out cookies. Just seven ingredients. Light, crisp and buttery. These will disappear fast.

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Strawberry Spinach Salad Recipe. A beautiful salad with contrasting greens and brilliant berries. Create the sweet, tangy, homemade dressing in the blender.

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This Peppermint Bark recipe is extra yummy because it has whipping cream mixed in with the chocolate. It's also addictive.

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