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35 Creative Backyard Designs Adding Interest to Landscaping Ideas

I love the forms, cool way to make paths. Raised Bed Ideas

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tires used as steps. great idea ... i have a few on the farm

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How to make cement stones ~ would be cute to do a custom garden path with a favorite quote.

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Love being outdoors but sick of those annoying blood-sucking mosquitoes? Put down the sprays and nets, here are thirteen different plants you can grow that’ll help keep the mosquitoes away. Bug zappers are also annoying, and leave you sitting among insect parts. Moreover, you may not be in the mood for smoky candles or incense. …

13 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes -

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Beautiful Backyards: Inspiration for Garden Lovers!

This is Beautiful!

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Genius! concrete bags for steps @ sloping side wet for week let dry peel off paper

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Nesting Box and the chicken coop and run they build is amazing!!!!

Blue Cube Chicken Coop

Organic Home Remedies for Sick Chickens, Diseases and Problems for Laying Hens

Home Remedies for Sick Chickens and Laying Hens


Easy to make concrete bowls and planters...

Easy to make concrete bowls and planters. This inspires me greatly! I just don't know that I would commit myself to the project! I'd LOVE to make a few of them before the end of spring.

Easy to make concrete bowls and planters...

Stone PAVERS become stone PLANTERS. Cement planters can be so expensive. This is brilliant! We could also paint them!

Kristen F. Davis Designs: Outdoors

The Chicken Coop Checklist

The Chicken Coop Checklist

Mosquito Control container so you can sit and unwind in the evenings without dousing in DEET.

how to Mosquito Control

green house with lumber and old windows...

Simply Country Life: A greenhouse just in time for Spring

How to Build Grazing Frames for Your Backyard Chickens

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Have the water from the chicken house roof top collect in rain barrel to auto water the chickens

Building an automatic chicken waterer

Your #Seeding Calendar - A cheat-sheet of when and how to plant the most common edibles' seeds. By Rob Sproule, Salisbury Greenhouse

Your Seeding Calendar - Salisbury Greenhouse


The Ultimate Vegetable Gardening Guide in Handy Infographic Form

Una guida utile per conoscere le stagioni in cui seminare, piantare e raccogliere ogni tipo di ortaggio nel proprio orto domestico #vegetable #garden #growing #chart #gardening #tips

The Ultimate Vegetable Gardening Guide in Handy Infographic Form

Edging - just stick polished rocks in concrete. The Leading Garden Picture Site on the Net

This would be cute to hold gardening gloves/hand tools etc as a potting planting station.... With a different protected top if course!

Sophia's: Flower Ad Dresser...Fresh and Green

Shown also with stenciled letter pillow on it, in another file... Twin mattress fits in it for sleeping! Salvaged Swing

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salvaged wood as furniture.... I'd do away with white chairs and have like a pic nic bench for family BBQ's

oh ya, i can come over later

cute diy garden path idea, diy, flowers, gardening, landscapes, outdoor living, Mixing sizes is key to the complete look

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How to drill a hole into glass

DIY: Bottles Full of Light

Garden Dramafrom Garden Drama

Garden art on the cheap DIY: Glass marbles in your fence

Love This Look! Drill Holes In Your Fence For Colored Marbles!

Garden art on the cheap DIY: Glass marbles in your fence

Herbs that heal

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