A picture is worth a thousand words, but this one has left us speechless. Staff photographer Julie Larsen Maher snapped this moment between a giraffe mother and calf on exhibit at African Plains – comment with your best caption below. Bronx Zoo Coupons http://www.pinterest.com/kolyaCoupons/bronx-zoo-coupons/

39 Cute baby animals for an instant dose of dopamine: Baby monkey

To help us get into the spirit of the season, we’re celebrating some of nature’s creepiest crawlers, its snakes, its birds of prey, and its full moons. The second WCS Wild View assignment, Octoberfest, kicked off yesterday, so take your best shots and make sure to submit them.  Bronx Zoo Coupons http://www.pinterest.com/kolyaCoupons/bronx-zoo-coupons/

It’s not easy studying an endangered species few people have ever heard of: it’s difficult to raise money, build awareness, or quite simply get people to ca

http://www.pinterest.com/kolyaCoupons/bronx-zoo-coupons/ Bronx Zoo Coupons Bring the family to the zoo and take advantage of this beautiful weather. Stop by Congo Gorilla Forest and check out some of our favorite primates enjoying the sunshine.

Fitting in: The two new youngsters join another pair of gorillas that were born earlier in along with 13 adults in the zoo's Congo Gorilla Forest exhibit

The Chicago Zoological Society, which manages Brookfield Zoo, is celebrating two special birthdays. Merlin and Magic— dolphins born on October 16 and 28, respectively—are reaching an important milestone by turning one year old. These two dolphin care success stories are particularly interesting because of the different paths by which the calves reached their first birthdays. Brookfield Zoo Coupons http://www.pinterest.com/TakeCouponss/brookfield-zoo-coupons/

The Chicago Zoological Society, which manages Brookfield Zoo, is celebrating two…