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There are five types of dog enrichment that work separately and together to improve behavioral health and overall quality of life.
Canine Enrichment 101: Helping Your Dog Live His Best Life! 8


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Petting Consent Tests movie - YouTube
Chin Rests! - YouTube
Requested Approach Training - YouTube

Start Button Behavior

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Scent Games for Your Dog

Nosework /Scent

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4 Paws Aviation | Products
PAWNIX Noise-Cancelling Headphones for Dogs with Bluetooth 5.0
Counterconditioning SCARY NOISES- Training Tip Tuesday - YouTube


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How to get started with the 1 2 3 Pattern game from Control Unleashed - YouTube
Teach Your Dog To Ignore Distractions With The 1,2,3 Game - YouTube


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Top 5 Best Dog Ramps for Water - SummerPoolFun


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The Calm Settle - for dogs and puppies - YouTube
STOP PULLING toward places that are FUN - YouTube
I love shaping as much as the next trainer — but I occasionally come across a dog who does better with luring and prompting (including my own young dog, Levi). So I combined a few concepts I've seen elsewhere and used what I'm calling "Restrained Release" to teach him a targeting behavior.

Training Videos

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How to Introduce a Cat to a Dog Household: A Trainer's Expert Guide
Cat & Dog Introductions - Slow and Steady Does It - Cold Nose College


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Things We Learn From a Dog Framed Print
Lady got a plane ride across the country Thursday to her new home in Odessa.  PHOTO FROM CHET RAGSDALE
I Loved reading this!


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DIY Busy Box: An Easy-To-Make Enrichment Dog Toy
Scented toys

Work to Eat / Enrichment / Toys

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6 High Value Single Ingredient Dog Treats
Amazon.com: PupsNTails Dog Training Kit - Puppy and Dog Training Treat Pouch,Adjustable Training Clicker,House Training Doorbells,Collapsible Dog Bowl,Whistle-Tools for Small to Large Dogs: Pet Supplies

Treat Bags / Training Rewards

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The Emotional Lives of Dogs - Whole Dog Journal
Podcast #41: Motivate Your Training Sessions | Hannah Branigan – Wonderpups Training

Learning Theory / Training Tips / Training Methods

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How to Train a Dog to Hold a Toy - Tips from a Dog Trainer.
Teach Your Dog to Help With Chores Around the House - Whole Dog Journal

Shaping / Tricks / Sports

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Teaching Your Dog to "Drop"
Teach a Dog to 'Take It' and 'Drop It' | Teacher's Pet With Victoria Sti...
Teaching Your Dog to "Drop"

Fetch /Retrieve and Give/ Drop

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Training a Teenage Puppy - eileenanddogs
The Most Important Dog Training Advice I Ever Got — Dogminded - Modern Dog Training
attention seeking behavior and comment on Karen Overall's aggression assessment form

Attention Seeking and Leave It

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relax Archives - eileenanddogs
Karen Overall's relaxation protocol via mp3

Mat Work / Stay

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Scruffy’s Easter Egg Disaster: A Case for Training Dogs to Sit Politely Instead of Counter-Surfing
Solving Counter Surfing- Clicker Dog Training

Counter Surfing

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Shaping a Recall Part 3 Distractions for Dogs
Nando Brown - use Premack in your recall
Teaching a great recall

Recall / Come / Here

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Italian dogs vs American dogs
Correct Way to Greet a Dog
How to Keep Your Dog Calm When the Doorbell Rings

Greetings / Jumping

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3 Conditioned Motivating Operations - CMOs - ABA Connect
Stream #40: Motivating Operations by Drinking from the Toilet: Real Dogs, Real Training on desktop and mobile. Play over 265 million tracks for free on SoundCloud.
Ollie and a firetruck

For Trainers

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Shop Mickeyspetsupplies.com for our Collagen retriever roll - a rawhide alternative that is sourced and made in the USA. A long lasting chew for large dogs. Free shipping on your $69 order.
Wholesome Hide Rawhide Retriever Roll 9-10 inch
Dr. Freeman provides an update on diet-associated dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs

Food / Toxins

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Dogs can show human-like ADHD behaviors, study finds - CBS News
Canine autism: Reactive dogs lack socialization skills
How I Taught My Puppy to Sleep Later in the Morning - eileenanddogs

Misc Behavior

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Highly sensitive personality and behavior problems in dogs - Science Matters
The fascinating consistency of the HSP trait across species
s “reciprocal inhibition.” Most often (but not always), this process involves offsetting anxious, tense responses with deep muscle relaxation and creative visualization. Wolpe’s model of reciprocal inhibition has become the preferred approach for treating phobias and other fear-related anxieties in humans. Perhaps the most iconic version of reciprocal inhibition for dogs is Jean Donaldson’s (2009) “open bar/closed bar” technique, which she describes as “counterconditioning without desensitizatio

Canine Cognition / Ethology / Neuroanatomy

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What to Ask When Considering Adopting a Dog? - The Other End of the Leash
16 Incredible Transformation Photos Of Shelter Dogs
But what about the nice dogs?

Shelters / Rescues / Adoption

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Milwin Australian Shepherds
Goldendoodle Puppies - Golden Retriever Puppies


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