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From fyeah tattoos: "My new baby, done by Melanie (she’s a badass with crazy skills, check her out) at Adrenaline on 4th avenue, Vancouver BC. It took me a while to find someone who’d be willing to tattoo 9 concentric circles coupled with 6 straight lines, but she did an amazing job. It means travelling. Aboriginal Australians used it as a pictogram to describe the travelling between campfires."


Aboriginal sand goanna totem, Ngemba tribe, N NSW Tatulu's Tattoos, Mullumbimby, Australia - TATTOOS


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Black and Red Fox tattoo This reminds me of that old story where the aboriginal (Cree...?) grandfather is telling his grandson about the two wolves in each of us. One good, one evil. The one that survives is the one that we feed. One of my favourite messages.


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