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kitchen tips & tricks

We're all about havin' fun! Here are some creative ways you can re-purpose your Texas Roadhouse leftovers, spruce up some drinks at home and more!

kitchen tips & tricks

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Sweet potato, bacon & leek pancakes

Heavenly Sweet Potato Doughnuts!

BBQ Chicken Biscuit Pizza - yum! Perfect snack-sized pizzas.

  • Joan Coburn
    Joan Coburn

    Really sounds good. We will have to try them.

Use leftover steak and baked potatoes to make this delicious dish!

  • Kay Brown
    Kay Brown

    Who has leftover steak LOL

  • Texas Roadhouse
    Texas Roadhouse

    Great point, Kay!

The only way to drink an Ice-Cold Beer is out of a frozen mug! DIY at home.

Perfect Frozen Glass at Home!

Fried fish and slaw recipe... mmm...

Fishing for Something Different?
  • Jamie Anderson
    Jamie Anderson


  • Amanda Truong
    Amanda Truong


This Sweet Potato Roll with Cream Cheese Icing is delicious! Wow your guests with this dessert.

Sweet Potato Roll with Cream Cheese Icing
  • Erin McGee
    Erin McGee


'Tis the season to add a little festive fun to your holiday drinks... or at least we think so!

Blog - Recipes - Steakhouse | Texas Roadhouse

Feel-good holiday sweet treat! Sticky Buns are delicious.

Sticky Buns Recipe
  • Carrie White
    Carrie White


  • Elizabeth Finnegan
    Elizabeth Finnegan

    #moms loveroadhouse

Homemade stuffing recipe! Perfect for Thanksgiving but delicious for all occasions.

Delicious Homemade Stuffing Recipe
  • Ann Godfrey
    Ann Godfrey


  • Elizabeth Finnegan
    Elizabeth Finnegan

    momseverywhere love road house

  • JimJanell Gruber
    JimJanell Gruber

    #MomLovesRoadhouse Looks awesome!

  • Elizabeth Finnegan
    Elizabeth Finnegan

    just discovered this excellent foodie share .... Im liking it! Im staying out of restaurants on Mothers Day ..... I want to jog, have a pedi, get a coffee drink at Starbucks .... craft day.

  • Texas Roadhouse
    Texas Roadhouse

    Elizabeth, that sounds like a delightful Mother's Day! Enjoy.

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Apple twice baked sweet potato recipe... yum!

Apple Twice Baked Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Agnes Bell
    Agnes Bell

    would like to have the recipe could you sent it to me

  • Mona Kent
    Mona Kent

    click on the picture and it will take you to the recipe

Use leftover sweet potatoes to create this delicious sweet potato raisin cookie recipe!

Sweet Potato Cookie Recipe

Yummy sweet potato custard recipe. Perfect if you have a left over sweet potato or have a sweet tooth! #texasroadhouse

Delicious Sweet Potato Custard Recipe

Use this Texas Roadhouse technique to add texture to your mashed taters!

Add Home-style Taste to Your Mashed Potatoes!

Create this sweet treat with Texas Roadhouse day-old bread!

Strawberry Shortcake Recipe
  • JoAnna Jacobson Rothe
    JoAnna Jacobson Rothe


  • Jennifer Keith
    Jennifer Keith


  • Ann Godfrey
    Ann Godfrey


Use leftover bread from Texas Roadhouse to make this yummy bread pudding!

Day-old Bread Pudding Recipe!
  • Susan Rodriguez
    Susan Rodriguez

    Looks positively scrumptious!

  • Texas Roadhouse
    Texas Roadhouse

    Thanks, Susan! It was pretty tasty. Enjoy!