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Etruscan ~768-264 BCE

Jewelry and Lapidary work from the Etruscan culture, which covered a large section of what is now modern Italy. It evolved from and superceded the Villanovan culture, and was finally absorbed/annexed by the early Romans.

Etruscan ~768-264 BCE

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Pair of spool earrings. Italic, Etruscan, Archaic Period, 6th century B.C.

Pair of spool earrings | MFA for Educators

Etruscan sheet gold funerary set. Circa 5th-4th Century BC.

Scarab, Etruscan, about 500 B.C., Carnelian

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Etruscan gold trumpet-shaped earrings with relief decoration C.500BC The MET

British museum Gold earring Etruscan,400-300 BC


ETRUSCAN GOLD OPENWORK EARRINGS Circa 500 BC. A pair of fabricated gold earrings in opus interrasile comprising a hollow c-shaped body, its inner and outer faces pierced and decorated with filigree beaded wire and granulation;

Etruscan gold ring The British Museum

Amulet with a shark's tooth.Etruscan, 5th century BC

Finger ring.Etruscan, 525 BC-330 BC

Tooth pendant set in gold Period: Late Classical Date: 4th century B.C. Culture: Etruscan Medium: Gold, bone

les: Necklace with Arrow head pendant 550-500 BC Etruscan

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Ertuscan wedding ring from the 6th and 4th Century, B. C.

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Etruscan brooch

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Etruscan civilization,7th century b.C. Goldsmithery. Gold hair clips for plaits. From Cerveteri, Lazio Region, Italy. Artwork-location: Rome, Museo Nazionale Etrusco Di Villa Giulia (Villa Giulia National Museum, Archaeological Museum) .

Etruscan gold necklaces from Vulci. The top has 9 animal motif pendants and the 7 discs of Etruscan mythological scenes C.300 BC Vatican Etruscan museum

Earring Etruscan


Etruscan gold earring

Pendant with Winged Chrioteer Etruscan 4th century BCE Gold

Earring with pendants and female head Period: Hellenistic Date: 3rd century B.C. Culture: Etruscan Medium: Gold, silver

| Etruscan | Hellenistic | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Etruscan gold earrings with pendant vase and ring C.100B.C

Etruscan Lion Headed Earring C.450BC The MET

Ancient Peoples - Lion Headed Earring  4th-3rd Century BC ...

Set of Etruscan jewelry, early 5th C. B.C. (Late Archaic Period). Said to be part of a tomb group from Vulci. Gold and glass necklace; gold and rock crystal disks; two plain gold fibulae (safety pins); gold fibula with sphinx; gold straight pin; gold and agate ring w/ scarab & a youth on bezel; gold and carnelian ring w/ scarab & Herakles on bezel; gold and carnelian ring w/ bird on bezel; gold ring w/ lion on bezel; plain gold ring.

Ancient Etruscan Gold Wreath and Ring circa 4th Century BC