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Pharmacy Mergers & Your Resume - The Honest Apothecary

algreens pharmacy is planning to buy the Rite Aid pharmacy chain – what will this mean for YOUR career as a pharmacist or pharmacy tech with either company? That is the real question on the mind of many of my friends today. What we are talking about is a merger that would potentially combine the 8,200 Walgreens …

Nexium 24hr 350 by 350

Product Review: Nexium 24HR - The Honest Apothecary

Nexium (esomeprazole) 24HR is the latest medication for heartburn to become available for patients without a prescription. As such, it joins the ranks of Prilosec OTC, Prevacid 24HR and Zegerid OTC as the fourth “proton pump inhibitor” to go OTC (over the counter). adsenseyu2 This move provides patients with an alternative to the previously available products …

10 Tips for New Pharmacy Managers

10 Tips for New Pharmacy Managers - The Honest Apothecary

I‘m not a perfect pharmacist. I’m not a perfect pharmacy manager either. I still have a lot to learn. But I’ve been a pharmacist for more than 20 years, and a pharmacy manager for most of that time. I have had the privilege of managing pharmacies for 3 separate companies, and along that road I’ve learned …

Drug Abuse

The Honest Apothecary - Pharmacy Blog

Pharmacy Blog about the profession of pharmacy, pharmacy careers, pharmacy-related interviews, and pretty much anything related to…

Proair RespiClick

Helping Patients Afford ProAir RespiClick - The Honest Apothecary

efore I begin this post I want to make it clear that I do NOT in any way work for the manufacturer (Teva) of the newest albuterol inhaler known as the ProAir® RespiClick. I haven’t been paid to write this blog post. And if you happen to see any ads for the ProAir RespiClick on this …

Pharmacy Tales Bedtime 275 x 275 version

Pharmacy Tales: Tips for the Floating Pharmacist - The Honest Apothecary

In the retail pharmacy world, a “floating” pharmacist is one who typically doesn’t have their own regular store to work in every day. They cover multiple pharmacies, depending on the day of the week, filling in here and there according to the whim and pleasure of whomever controls their schedule. Though I have almost always …

Using job search engines for your next pharmacy job

The 7 Best Pharmacy Job Search Engines Online - The Honest Apothecary

I have written pretty extensively on the current pharmacy job market and the topic of pharmacy career development. I have also talked with many pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who are in the thick of the job hunt and struggling to find their next opportunity. adsenseyu2 For many, the job search often begins with some random …

Nasacort Allergy 500 pixel

Product Review: Nasacort Allergy 24HR - The Honest Apothecary

Watch out allergies! A new weapon has entered the OTC (over the counter) market in the battle against nasal congestion, runny/itchy nose and sneezing due to allergies: Nasacort Allergy 24HR. In this article I will briefly review this product and tell you what I think of it. I am a pharmacist, and have no financial ties …

A brief article and QUICK survey about the pharmacy job market in the U.S.

Survey: Are You a Pharmacist or Technician Looking for Work? - The Honest Apothecary

I would venture to guess that the vast majority of pharmacists personally know of a pharmacist or technician who is out of work and looking for a job. Personally, I know several. If you add to that the number of pharmacists who email me and talk to me about the job market, the number stretches …

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The Honest Apothecary - Pharmacy Blog

Pharmacy Blog about the profession of pharmacy, pharmacy careers, pharmacy-related interviews, and pretty much anything related to…

7 Habits of Highly Effective Techs

The Honest Apothecary - Pharmacy Blog

Pharmacy Blog about the profession of pharmacy, pharmacy careers, pharmacy-related interviews, and pretty much anything related to…


Mergers, Buyouts & Your Pharmacist Resume - The Honest Apothecary

The pharmacy that hired you may NOT be the pharmacy you work for any more. These days pharmacy mergers and buyouts are happening so fast it is hard to keep them all straight. I was right there watching it all happen many years ago when the Brooks Pharmacy chain that I worked for was purchased by …


Pharmacy Career Tips for Introverts - The Honest Apothecary

I‘m an introvert. There. I said it. Please don’t run away. I don’t have a disease, and it is not contagious anyway. But like it or not, an introvert is what I am. Numerous cycles through various psychological tests have confirmed it many times. Yes, I’m an introvert. And I have something to say. adsenseyu2 …

Thomas and Larry Picture for Articles

What Type of Buy-Sell Agreement? - The Honest Apothecary

It is with great pleasure I welcome Thomas Craft and Lawrence Barrett from Independent Pharmacy Consulting Group back to share with us their second article on an extremely important topic to pharmacy owners, or anyone considering pharmacy ownership. Their first article about why owners need to have a buy-sell agreement explained the fundamental importance of …

Why Pharmacists Need a Buy-Sell Agreement

Why Independent Pharmacists Need a Buy-Sell Agreement - The Honest Apothecary

Pharmacy owners typically pour themselves, heart and soul, into the success and growth of their business. It’s hard work that often involves long hours and great sacrifice. But they love their patients and are willing to endure all this to bring to their communities an array of services designed to promote patient health and well-being. …