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TpT Language Arts Lessons

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Tried and true! Hours of fun! This resource will keep students engaged. There are seven excellent brain games and puzzle activities to teach author's tone. Fun, engaging, challenging for middle and high school students as well as adults! Author's tone, tone shift, tone vocabulary, connotation, denotation, mood are covered. Author's tone often appears on standardized tests and in writing prompts. Students will be better prepared to write about author's tone. Great for subs! Preview available.
Understanding Prompts for State Writing Tests PowerPoint for ELA test prep. Taking a state writing test or preparing for the writing portion of a state test? PowerPoint presentation helps students prepare for state tests by learning how to understand what type of essay they are expected to write. S...

Writing TPT Language Arts

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Daily December Warm-Ups/Bell Ringers Christmas, Hanukkah & More | TpT

Reading TPT Language Arts

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Fun ELA review, which can be used at anytime, designed to engage students!  Great for challenging early finishers! The brain games and puzzles resource includes 10 fun, engaging, and challenging brain games or puzzles to review English/language arts content. The puzzles facilitate critical thinking skills as well as review the following skills: simile, metaphor, personification, theme, idioms, irony, mood, tone, novel, symbolism, all parts of speech, anagrams, setting, plot, transitions, etc...
Teaching Made Easy123 Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers
Teaching Made Easy123 Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers

Grammar and Punctuation

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Teaching Made Easy123 Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers
Teaching Made Easy123 Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers


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Holidays and Seasonal

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Using context clues, students learn new words with these digital or print worksheets. Practice context clues to increase vocabulary! Several different context clues activities for students to do that is a great review or quick substitute work. Students have to define context clues, determine meaning...

Digital Paperless Teaching

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The ability to work effectively with others is a critical skill for success in the workplace and life. Use this resource in any subject area with students or adult learners before they engage in a collaborative learning task. The well-organized materials guide learners in creating norms, which are expectations about behavior, work, and appropriate communication.  Groups who develop norms together and use them to guide their experience become more effective collaborators and communicators.
101+ Digital Christmas Activities will keep your students excited for the holiday, but will also teach them some powerful internet navigation skills. Take this holiday off and share a student-friendly website that will keep all students engaged despite their interests. 🎅
Plot Summary Guide. Summarize the plot elements of any fiction short story or novel with this handy sheet. Based on the common core standards of analyzing how particular story elements interact, like how the setting shapes the plot. Students will list the characters, determine the protagonist and antagonist, describe the setting and its relationship to the plot, describe the conflict, complications and rising action, the climax, falling action, and resolution of the story. Digital and Print: I h

Middle School

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Secondary ELA

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Sensory details with food!  ENGAGING activities for tactile, visual, and…
This no-prep, engaging resource contains 93 Google slides to include 29 teaching slides and 29 brain games or word puzzles. Use the resource to teach students 26 common prefixes. Use the resource to supplement or spice up one’s current prefix unit as this resource offers engaging, unique practice activities or use the resource materials intermittently throughout the year to review prefixes. This resource works best with students in Grades 2-7.


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Teaching Made Easy123 Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers
Teaching Made Easy123 Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers
Teaching Made Easy123 Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers


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Great back to school resource and bulletin board idea! One of the best ways to find out how students learn best is to have them complete a learning styles inventory or learning styles survey. This highly engaging, fun learning styles resource was designed to be used in Grades 3-9 across the curriculum to help teachers better understand the learning styles of their students and to help students understand how they learn best.

Back to School

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Early Literacy

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Lots of laughs! This well-organized  resource includes numerous, humorous, and authentic examples of incorrect grammar, commonly misspelled words, misplaced modifiers, and more.    Included are literacy center ideas, 32 editing task cards, 43 PowerPoint slides, critical thinking questions, and no prep options. #BestResourceEver #editing #dailyorallanguage #dailyfix-it #humor #reflectivethinker #teacherspayteachers
Teaching Made Easy123 Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers

Fun Language Arts and Literature Activities

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Teaching Made Easy123 Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers
Teaching Made Easy123 Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers
Teaching Made Easy123 Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers


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Sight Words

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Writing Journals for All Grades

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Book Companions

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Task cards

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Highly kinesthetic, lots of fun, and totally worthwhile! Fun for school or home study.  This 23-page scavenger hunt resource for upper elementary and middle grades (4th-8th) provides CCSS practice for identifying and writing complete sentences, identifying sentence fragments, and understanding common symbols. My students enjoyed this! A preview is available. #scavengerhunt
Teaching Made Easy123 Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers

Puzzles and Games

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I love this resource! I work with young adults with autism and the fact that the resource has photos is a plus. #foodgroups #sped

Speech and Language Pathology

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To be able to purchase materials and complete household chores and tasks students need to be able to read the words, acknowledge what various items are for, or how to utilize them, and be able to visually identify them. Students are provided varying examples where they are provided a household chore/cleaning related item in visual form. Students are asked to review an array of three, and identify the accurate identical image, by circling it.


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