I'm not gonna pin it to 10 things or forward it or make a wish Lol I just liked the facts at the top


Dont repon nothing will happen its so stupid these chain posts next one i see i will report the person who posts it srry but it has to happen, comment if u aggree with me

Repin!!! Everybody repin please!!!

yes, the "famous" accounts should get like free airfare and hotels too.

30 day Plank Challenges

Farewell letter from

30 day plank challenge I hate planks but I know they work core muscles and that what I need to work! Plank challenge here I come!

Rue-ing  Hunger Games!

Rue-ing is the new planking.The Art of Rue-ing. How to: Find a sleeping victim Arrange an array of flowers around said victim Perform the Hunger Games salute Take pictures. bahahaha best/worst thing ever.

Legolasing. I am doing it.

Okay, LOTR fans. Lets make Legolasing a thing.