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 The Partiologist: Christmas Cookie Sticks!The Partiologist: Christmas Cookie Sticks! Christmas Deserts, Christmas Tree Cookies, Santa Cookies, Galletas Cookies, Iced Cookies, Christmas Goodies, Holiday Cookies, Cupcake Cookies, Holiday Treats

Christmas Cookie Sticks!

So what do you think when you see the title Christmas Cookie Sticks? I don't know what comes to your mind, but when I mentioned it to anyone else, they looked at me like I was from another planet. So to keep you up to date with the latest cookie trend, let me show you my version of the Cookie Stick, Christmas Edition! Christmas Cookie Sticks! They were so much fun to create! And today is the perfect day to share them, because I need to show you something fun since I've been gone for so long…

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Fall Cookies

Yikes! October is a couple days away, I can't seem to wind down the summer vibes and think about fall. Because you know what happens soon after? Brrrrrr...But after making these cookies and feeling the chill in the air (notice I didn't say anything about being cold) I'm kind of excited. Kind of. The best part of making cookies is when my customer tells me I can do what I want. And I get to try new things and if it doesn't work, no one will know but me. These were a favorite, making the tiny…

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Valentine Cookies!

Here's a little FYI...with Valentines day quickly approaching, don't listen if someone tells you they don't want or need anything, it's not true. No one really needs anything, but they do want to know they are loved. My husband would probably feel the love if I cooked a nice dinner, which I totally could, but we both know if we want a delicious Valentine's dinner we're going out. So what are you doing this Valentine Day? I decided to do what I do best, make cookies! Valentine cookies for…

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It's a Girl!

It's a Girl! Today I can officially announce I have my first grand baby and I am thrilled to pieces. She arrived September 10th and is the sweetest baby ever. Like ever. In preparation for her arrival, I did what every Gramma Gigi would do. Make cookies. I thought it would be fun for her to hand out to visitors and staff at the hospital taking care of her. It's a Girl! The cookies were such fun to make in anticipation of her arrival! I knew her first name but had to keep it a secret until…

The Partiologist: Stained Glass Cookie Platter! Cross Cookies, Blue Cookies, Candy Cookies, Cut Out Cookies, Decorated Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Easter Cookie Recipes, Easter Cookies, Cookie Designs

Stained Glass Cookie Platter!

Good morning everyone! Today I'm sharing my latest Easter idea with Lisa, The Bearfoot Baker! As many know, Lisa recently had surgery to remove a brain tumor and is now recovering. When I first heard the news Lisa would be having surgery, I wanted to do something to help, but what could I do? I offered to a guest post for her blog and made this very special cookie platter for Easter. Stained Glass Cookie Platter! If you want to read more about Lisa, her surgery and recovery, be sure to check…

The Partiologist: PYO Stained Glass Cross Cookie! Easter Cupcakes, Easter Cookies, Birthday Cookies, Easter Treats, Easter Food, Easter Bunny, Christmas Cookies, Paint Cookies, No Bake Cookies

PYO Stained Glass Cross Cookie!

Sometimes I love when something works out and then sometimes I LOVE when something works out. This is the time LOVE is in caps. No special stencil needed and you could make this into any shape. But for me, the PYO Cross Cookie is just beautiful and the perfect addition to your Easter table. PYO Stained Glass Cross Cookie! No bunnies, no chicks no peeps. A cross to celebrate the true meaning of Easter. And each guest could find a cross ready to decorate at their place setting. But first of…

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Birthday Cookie Donuts!

Without a plan, I roam around the store. Even with a plan, I roam around looking at everything, even though there is really nothing I need, I always seem to find something I want. In this case, I actually needed it, only after I saw it. Anyway, it led me to making these cookies for a friend's birthday. Birthday Cookie Donuts! Now do you see why I wanted those cute little picks? They were probably made for a cupcake, but I imagined a cookie. A few cookies to be exact. You do-nut need to have…

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Pot 'O Gold Cookies!

You bet your shamrocks I made gold cookies. Okay, if I could make real gold cookies, I'd make them for every holiday, in fact I'd make them everyday. But for now these golden cookies are the closest thing I've got. I think you're going to love them. Pot 'O Gold Shamrock Cookies! One way to find a pot of gold is to make it, then it's a sure thing. And when I found the little pot, I was so excited, I wanted to buy them all and almost did. But really who needs more than one pot of gold? I…

The Partiologist: Love Notes Cookie Platter! Valentine Treats, Valentines, Cookie Decorating, Decorating Tips, Cookie Cake Designs, Cookie Ideas, Iced Sugar Cookies, Natural Candles, Cut Out Cookies

Love Notes Cookie Platter!

It seemed like such a good idea. Then I made the cookies and started to think, why would anyone need a Love Notes Cookie Platter? I mean, maybe if you were having a piano recital? Or a wonderful Valentine gift for your music teacher? Other than that, I just don't know. Since I went to all the work making the cookies, I thought I'd share with you. Love Notes Cookie Platter! Now you can tell me all the reasons why you would want this cookie platter. Maybe just because you want to eat cookies…

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Bridal Shower Sugar Cookies!

Something I make for every party is sugar cookies. It's a given. Because I couldn't decide, I made three, designs that is. I loved them all and there were plenty for each guest to take one (or two) home. Of all the shower desserts, I think I loved the cookies the best. Bridal Shower Sugar Cookies! It was finally time to get them displayed on the platter. I think that took me longer than actually making the cookies. Seriously, I rearranged them over and over. Soon I'll show you the display…

The Partiologist: Lipstick Cookies! Egg Recipes, Cookie Recipes, Fun Cookies, Party Shop, Shortbread, Cookie Monster, Cookie Decorating, Christmas Cookies, Peanut Butter

Lipstick Cookies!

Have you found your perfect shade of lipstick and then you find it making your lips dry? With these cookies, you'll never have to worry about dry lips! In fact, they can be made in any shade and you'll be smacking your lips in a good way! Lipstick Cookies Now that we're done applying our makeup, let's make cookies! Lipstick cookies! They come in all shades, but red is my favorite. Start by baking small lipstick shaped cookies. Flood the middle with gold colored icing. Spray the middle with…

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80's Themed Cookies!

Like, okay, just when you thought I was done with the 80's Pac Man themed desserts, this pops up in your e-mail. I mean really dude, you didn't think I would forget about making cookies did you? 80's Themed Cookies! I didn't even know where to begin, so I just started and this is what happened. I think they turned out totally rad! I think the birthday girls will love them even if they didn't live through the 80's. No duh. After I finished, I thought of other designs. But I ran out of time…

The Partiologist: Easy Sparkle Stars! Star Cookies, Cupcake Cookies, Cupcakes, 4th Of July Celebration, Party Shop, Decorated Cookies, July 4th, Memorial Day, Cookie Decorating

Easy Sparkle Stars!

Today is what I like to call a Happy Mistake. You know when things don't go as planned and then you figure out a new plan that is better? My original plan was to make edible lace, only this time when I went to buy the mix, it had been replaced with a new type of lace product. When it didn't work the way I intended, I immediately thought of how I could get it to work in a completely new way. Sparkle Star Cookies! When I say easy, I usually mean sort of easy. But today I REALLY mean easy. All…

The Partiologist: Barbecue Cookies! Baby Cookies, Baby Shower Cookies, Yummy Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Farm Animal Party, Cute Themes, Couples Baby Showers, Baby Rattle, Party Shop

Barbecue Cookies!

When I got an order for these cookies, I was beyond excited. They are for a couples baby shower, which happens to be a barbecue. And listen to this... it's called a BaBy Q! I have to say I think it's the cutest theme for a baby shower ever. EVER. Ba-By Q Cookies! As soon as I got the order, I began sketching my designs. I came up with more designs than I had cookies. So I decided on six designs for the four dozen. Yes, I made four dozen. The baby chef was hand cut, just in case you're…

The Partiologist: Paint Palette Cookies! Paint Themes, Coloured Icing, Cookie Tutorials, Shaped Cookie, Party Shop, How To Make Cookies, Royal Icing, Cookie Decorating, Sugar Cookies

Paint Palette Cookies!

How many of you love to paint? And I'm not talking walls. I really wish I was an artist who could paint with oil, watercolors, etc. I'm not that artist, but my mom is. And this weekend she was featured at her local art center kicking off a month long exhibit of her paintings. Paint Palette Cookies! So to kick off the show, I made cookies. This is my kind of art, the kind you can eat. How about you? Do you want to paint on walls or are cookies your kind of canvas? That's what I thought. Grab…