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Trip Trotter

Brooklyn, NY  ·  The Trip Trotter is a custom travel planner that delivers epic itineraries combining the must-sees with alternative activities based on your interests.
Trip Trotter
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There is a real flower factory in NYC!

Anything out of the ordinary, I want to see it. So when I saw a post on the FIT-.

NY Windowswear tour

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of taking a NYC boutique and department store windows walking tour with Windowswear.

NYC's Ice Ball- an incredible event

The Ice Ball: A Guerrilla Formal Skating Event

Packing for a cruise!

I leave tomorrow for Orlando to take my first CRUISE! I never considered myself a "cruise person," but my excitement seem.

Cruising is for everyone- review of Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas

I just returned from my first cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas departing from Port Canaveral, Florida headed to the Bahamas. The weathe.

Pura Lempuyang in Bali, Indonesia, Gophrette Power  (via asilenteloquence)

Pura Lempuyang Door Bali Indonesia: 'Puras are designed as an open air place of worship within enclosed walls connected with a series of intricately decorated gates between its compounds. This is a split gate known as candi bentar Indonesia