I truely feel like they should have added Prowl in Transformers:prime...that would have made it possibly better. But the show is still badass even without him (^-^)

I haven't really posted a Transformers related pic since like April. XD So here is a TFP-inspired Tracks for ya! I don't really have a fleshed out story behind this guy, but h.

Prowl beugte sich vor und küsste Luna, sie erschrack. Sie war viel zu paralysiert um ihn zu erwiedern. Als Prowl das bemerkte löste er den kuss und sah sie leicht erötet an. "Eine Menschliche Geste?" fragte Luna ungläubich. "Wenn es dir nicht gefällt..." fing er an und sah erötet zur seite. Doch Luna unterbrach ihn und küsste ihn wieder, erleichtert entspannte sich Prowl und erwiderte den kuss. Und schnell musste Luna zugeben das ihr diese Geste sehr gefällt. ~ Luna Moon

Omg Prowl is one of my fav characters and this is so beautiful AHHHH

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Transparent Prowl for all your transparent Prowl needs Plus my personal fave:

#wattpad #random The second book of random transformers pictures

Transformers pictures 2 - You okay Prowl?

Read You okay Prowl? from the story Transformers pictures 2 by (💛 Smokebee💙) with 670 reads. Prowl are you alright?


I’ve been sick for a couple of days now and since I live alone nobody is here to kiss my booboo or pity poor me.


Prowl is good in many things. Cake making isn’t one of them.

Transparent Prowl for all your transparent Prowl needs Plus my personal fave:

aw look it’s my dad

TF - Just Prowl by plantman-exe.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

A crossover between Prowl into the Micheal Bay realm.

Prowl - Go ahead, make my day by nadav.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Based on a cel from the classic show, recreated in vectors for a clean, sharp, high-quality look. Prowl - Go ahead, make my day

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